These resources for learning about water in Spanish are perfect for elementary school age students.

Water has shaped history, and it will determine our future. So, use these resources for learning about water in Spanish.

Vocabulary for Learning About Water in Spanish

Long before children they understand the water cycle and the crucial role water plays in our lives, they splash and enjoy the miracle of water. So, here are some fun activities and the vocabulary you need to help little ones start learning about water in Spanish.

Sink or Float in Spanish

Kids love observing whether objects sink or float. We say ¿Flota o se hunde? in Spanish, and it is one of favorite language activities with preschoolers and kids in the younger grades.

You can learn about more about the experiment, see a Spanish sink or float video, and get a variety of printable recording sheets here: Sink or Float in Spanish Class for Fun Learning.

Spanish Photo Activity with Water

Also, try this photo activity of water play to speak Spanish with beginners.

Games for Learning About Water in Spanish

Finally, use this list of vocabulary for water games as you play.

The Water Cycle in Spanish

Printable Water Cycle Poster from U.S.G.S.

Several years ago, Howard Perlman of the U.S. Geological Survey contacted me to share this great graphic of the water cycle in Spanish. It is designed for elementary and middle school. The diagram is a free download and can be printed in several sizes, including tabloid (17×11) and poster (33×24). It’s perfect for learning about water in Spanish.

This diagram of the water cycle in Spanish is an excellent resource for learning about water.

Simple Spanish Water Cycle Printable

This diagram of the water cycle has brief descriptions using simple language.

Learning About Water Around the World

Water Rolls Water Rises / El agua rueda, el agua sube by Pat Mora

This award-winning bilingual book by Pat Mora is a must-have for learning about water in Spanish or English. The verse and beautiful illustrations follow water around the globe. Each picture is based on a body of water and they come together to convey how water moves and connects us. The book includes a dual language list of the locations that inspire the illustrations. Water Rolls, Water Rises / El agua rueda, el agua sube is a picture book, but the beauty of the art, the global reach, and the effective verse make it a wonderful reading experience for all ages.

Water Rolls Water Rises is a bilingual picture book for learning about water around the planet.

Publisher Lee & Low Books has an Educator’s Guide for this wonderful book, along with additional resources for teaching about water. You can find those materials and Water Rolls, Water Rises / El agua rueda, el agua sube at Lee & Low Books or purchase the book on Amazon.

Learning About Water in Latin America

Several countries in Latin America make their textbooks available free online. The following lessons from Peru and Mexico are a good way of incorporating language, culture and global awareness into water education. They are also excellent resources for heritage speakers learning about water in Spanish.

Water in Peru

Peru’s Ministerio de Educación provides Sesiones de Aprendizaje at no cost. These supplemental lessons are a wonderful resource for many content areas, including learning about water. The link is to the 2015 set of lessons, but the 2016 set is available on the left sidebar. You can also explore material for different grades. To explore the resources most easily view the first file in each unit, the Orientación general. There you’ll find an index of the lessons for that unit.

These materials have various lessons for learning about water. For example, this first grade text is divided into six units. Unidad 6 has 40 lessons or “sesiones”. Sesión 22-32 have to do with water, and are appropriate for Spanish learners in the elementary grades.

Water in Mexico

Mexico’s Secretaría de Educación Pública makes national textbooks available at no cost. Again, there is a valuable material to use with Spanish learners.

For activities for learning about water, for example, click on Primaria, and under 2o Periodo Escolar click on Exploración de la Naturaleza y la Sociedad. When you click ver más on the cover, you can view or download the entire book. Beginning on about page 50, you’ll find information and activities for learning about water.

Peru Billboard  for Learning About Water in Spanish

There are many other resources for learning about water in Latin America, and many conservation initiatives to share with your students. For example, a university in Lima created this spot to highlight a billboard that uses condensation to produce potable water.

Learning about Water Close to Home

Museum on Main Street

The Smithsonian Museum on Main Street outreach program has a wonderful resource for exploring water. Their newest exhibition, Water/Ways, will be traveling throughout the country through 2022. Working with partner exhibitions in small communities, Water/Ways explores the role of water in local environment, history and culture.

If the exhibition is coming to a community near you, it is a wonderful opportunity to learn about water in your area. You can find the schedule and educator resources here: Smithsonian Museum on Main Street – Water/Ways.

We would like to thank publisher Lee & Low Books for donating copies of Water Rolls, Water Rises / El agua rueda, el agua sube to a number of rural Kansas communities acting as partner sites for the Water/Ways exhibition!

Spanish Water Activities from Florida

These activities from the Southwest Florida Water Management District are perfect for learning about water in Spanish. For examples, the printable PDF has games, coloring pages and activities.

What are your favorite activities for learning about water in Spanish? Please share in the comments so we can all learn together!

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