Image of the two actors in the videos for the Spanish Playground YouTube channel memberships.

When we started publishing videos on YouTube, we had no idea the channel would grow the way it has. Now, we’re fortunate to be able to offer YouTube channel memberships for Spanish Playground. These memberships became available in January 2021, and the response has been excellent!

I started making Spanish-language videos because I was spending a lot of time looking for class-friendly comprehensible content at the novice and intermediate level. It was difficult to find short videos with high-frequency language. I was looking for conversations and natural language used in context, and I wanted to stay away from animation. Finally, I realized it made the most sense to create my own videos.

You can find links to all our video resources, including lots of free activities, on our Spanish Videos for Kids page.

Spanish Playground on YouTube

Jump ahead a few years, and Spanish Playground has a fabulous team creating video content. We choose to publish on YouTube, so users around the world can access them. Our team films in Mexico and publishes new videos for Spanish learners every week. We’ve made hundreds of videos on a wide range of topics, so if you haven’t checked out the Spanish Playground YouTube channel, we hope you will. 

YouTube Channel Memberships

YouTube offers select, qualifying channels the opportunity to create channel memberships. With memberships, creators can share what YouTube calls “perks” with their viewers. In turn, members support the channel with a small monthly subscription fee so creators can continue to create content.

Spanish Playground YouTube Channel Membership

Of course, in our case the perks are Spanish language learning materials related to our videos. Every couple of weeks we share a variety of activities:

  • vocabulary practice
  • readings
  • verb and grammar practice
  • cultural connections
  • other video-related materials. 

There are three different subscription levels, so users can choose what works for them. Check out the details here: Spanish Playground YouTube Channel Membership

Our Video-Based Materials

If you find our videos useful for independent study, home school or your classroom, this is a great way to get additional activities. When we share materials, we base all three levels on the same video. 

We keep the lessons short and focused. The readings, for example, build on the story in the video and are about 200 words long. We include also comprehension questions for the readings. 

All the activities are shared in community posts. You can use them from there, or easily copy-paste into the word-processor of your choice to edit. 

Spanish Playground Videos

We will continue to share our videos on YouTube where they are accessible to all viewers. YouTube channel memberships for Spanish Playground are an additional option for viewers looking for more ways to engage with Spanish. We appreciate all the support our viewers show our work!

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