Spanish Reading for Kids

A collection of Spanish reading for kids to use in a summer reading program.

Books are one of the most powerful learning tools we have. With Spanish reading, access to language is not dependent on travel or finding native speakers – it is something that all parents and teachers can give children every day.

Spanish stories for kids offer accessible exposure to language. Picture books, in particular, support language with illustrations and a story line. You can find Spanish reading for any level and to appeal to different interests.

The resources below are grouped into the following categories:

Support for Spanish Reading
Online Spanish Reading and Apps
Spanish Reading Practice – Printable Activities
Spanish Picture Books with Activities
Spanish Picture Book Reviews
Spanish Poetry for Kids
Spanish Readings by Theme
Spanish Summer Reading Program

Support for Spanish Reading for Kids

Many public libraries have growing collections of children’s books in Spanish. You will find some of our favorite titles here: Online and Printable Book Lists.

Spanish Playground printable book logs and reading challenges are a fun way to encourage kids to read in Spanish.

10 Best Strategies for Reading to Kids in Spanish
15 Easy Activities to Help Kids Engage with Reading
Reading Games to Play with Spanish Books
Motivating Kids to Read in Spanish
Learning to Read in Spanish: Word Attack Strategies
15 Things for Kids to Read in Spanish Besides Books
Printable Spanish Gratitude Journals – Reading-inspired journals to raise awareness, reinforce language learning, and engage kids with Spanish stories.

Spanish Stories Online

50+ Online Spanish Stories for Kids
Free Spanish Readers and Activity Books
Online Spanish Reading Comprehension Games
Online Spanish Reading Comprehension with Math
5 Apps for Reading in Spanish
5 Free Spanish iBooks for Kids – Free e-books at several different levels.
Easy Spanish Books for Kids – Free PDFs

Online Spanish Reading Practice with Photographs

Reading Activity: Gatos en el baño
Dragon Photo: Spanish Reading Comprehension

Spanish Reading Practice – Printable Activities

An Add-The-Details Spanish Story – A story with a fun cut-and-paste activity so kids can add the details they choose. The story was designed for beginners, but it’s a hit with all levels because they can create their own answers.

Gatos en la casa – An easy reading and question activity based on cute illustrations of cats. Excellent for practicing house vocabulary.

Summer I Spy with Board and 55 Game Cards – The game cards describe the objects on the board. There are 6 different ways to play.

Spanish Trivia Questions: Printable Cards – 80 general knowledge questions kids can understand in Spanish. Many are appropriate for beginners. A super fun way to get more language into a day!

Spanish Fortune Teller for Language Learners – This game is sometimes called a cootie catcher in English. This comecocos is just right for language learners.

Spanish Reading for Spring with Question Activity – Lots of high-frequency vocabulary, supported by a silly picture. This activity is great for practicing questions, too.

Connect 4 Spanish Vocabulary Review – A fun way review words using picture cards.

Spanish Synonyms for Elementary Students – Synonyms are an excellent way to grow vocabulary. Printable cards with game ideas and two color-the-synonyms activities – one of nouns and one for adjectives.

Spanish Sentence Building Games – A set of sentence building games and printable cards with high-frequency vocabulary.

A printable Spanish book, coloring book and mini-book, El verano. This book for beginning learners focuses on the verb gustar used with other common verbs.

Printable Mini-Book from Fun for Spanish Teachers – Mi libro de verano

Spanish Summer Activity Book – A printable activity book for beginning Spanish learners from Mundo de Pepita.

Family Members in Spanish: Family Tree Activities – Includes printable reading activities with a family tree illustration.

Spanish Logic Puzzles for Reading Comprehension – These logic problems use common winter vocabulary, but they are fun to solve anytime. Read the clues and fill in the grid. You will find instructions for solving logic puzzles in the post.

44 Lego Challenge Cards in Spanish – Kids follow the instructions to create with Legos. This Spanish reading task is super fun!

Spanish Task Cards: Animal Vocabulary

Dolphin Activities in Spanish – A short reading about dolphins with comprehension activities, graphic organizers, photos with text and more.

Elementary Spanish Reading: Picture Match – Printable pages with 10 picture cards of children and a two-sentence description card for each picture. There 10 suggestions of ways to use the cards and description for reading practice.

Spanish Children’s Stories PDF

Easy Spanish Books PDF for Kids – Five easy Spanish books in PDF for beginning learners. They are free downloads or you can read them online.

Spanish PDF Books for Kids – Two easy PDF stories for beginning learners. One uses gustar and animal vocabulary. The other focuses on estar and house vocabulary.

Printable Stories with Figures For Telling and Retelling

Spanish Story PDF: El Oso y las abejas – A story at three levels of difficulty and darling figures to cut out, color and use to tell the story. Kids can also invent their own!

Printable Spanish Story and Scene: El Oso y sus amigos – Two versions of a winter story with cute figures.

Spanish Story with Cutouts: Un picnic en el bosque – Another story featuring El Oso with cutouts to color and use to tell and re-tell the story.

Reading Practice with Easy Drawing Activities

Spanish Vocabulary Practice: Draw the Details – Reading practice adding details to pictures of houses.
Spanish Vocabulary Games with Stick Figures – Reading practice adding details to stick figures.
Easy Spanish Reading: Draw-the-Details Snowman – Reading practice adding details to pictures of snowmen.

Spanish Syllables: Printable Wheel – A word-building activity for beginning readers.

Spanish Sayings: Matching Cards – 10 common Spanish sayings on printable matching (or memory) cards.

Peru Facts and Puzzles in Spanish and English – A reading of basic facts and and a crossword puzzle introduce children to Peru.

Spanish Workbook: Aprendiendo a Leer – A printable workbook with activities for beginning readers.

Spanish Rhymes: Fun Phrases for Kids – Rhyming phrases kids say to each other in Spanish (similar to See you later, alligator. After a while, crocodile.)

Flip Book in Spanish: Los juguetes – A printable flip book for beginning readers focusing on the verb form veo.

Spanish Flip Book: Las frutas – A printable flip book for beginning readers focusing on the verb form hay and fruit.

Printable Spanish Activity for Kids – Simple Analogies– Kids read and complete analogies with basic vocabulary supported by pictures.

First Spanish Jokes for Kids – A printable with simple jokes in Spanish.

Spanish Song Lyrics for Reading Activities – Includes a make-your-own word search printable to make a puzzle for a favorite song.

Spanish Riddles for Language Learners – Simple riddles appropriate for kids learning Spanish. There are printable pages of riddles grouped by theme.

Printable Spanish Counting Activities – Printable read, count and color pages for beginners.

Spanish Picture Books with Activities

Spanish Words for Daily Life – Printable activities for Esteban de Luna, Baby Rescuer / Esteban de Luna, ¡rescatador de bebés¡ by Larissa M. Mercado-López

Spanish Stories Kids Will Love: Marisol McDonald Books – Activity suggestions for Marisol McDonald Doesn’t Match/ Marisol McDonald no combina and Marisol McDonald and the Clash Bash/ Marisol McDonald y la fiesta sin igual by Monica Brown.

Spanish Alphabet Book: Olinguito – Includes suggestions for reading Spanish alphabet books

Spanish Early Reader Books: Rafi y Rosi – Includes printable reading comprehension activities for Rafi y Rosi by Lulu Delacre

Spanish Books for Beginning Readers – Includes printable reading comprehension activities for Rafi y Rosi ¡Piratas! by Lulu Delacre

Spanish Places Vocabulary: Book and Writing Activity – A review of The Place Where You Live / El lugar donde vives by James Luna with a printable graphic organizer for a speaking or writing activity

Spanish Animals: Activities for Mis Amigos – Activity suggestions for Mis amigos by Taro Gomi

Spanish Stories for Kids: Nos fuimos todos de safari – Activity suggestions for Nos fuimos todos de safari by Laurie Krebs

Spanish Story for Kids – Activities for Vivamos la Granja – Activity suggestions for Vivamos la Granja by Jan Dobbins

Spanish Story for Kids: El Fandango de Lola Activities – Activity suggestions for El Fandango de Lola by Anna Witte, including a printable vocabulary activity

Spanish Stories for Kids: Language Activities for Lucas en un Día en la Playa – Activity suggestions for the yoga story Lucas en un día en la playa by Giselle Shardlow

Spanish Story for Kids – Oso en el trabajo Activities – Activity suggestions for Oso en el trabajo by Stella Blackstone, including a printable rhyming activity

Spanish Stories for Kids – Nos Vamos a México Activities – Activity suggestions for Nos vamos a México by Laurie Krebs, including a printable vocabulary activity

Activities for Brown Bear Brown Bear in Spanish

I Spy Games for Brown Bear Brown Bear
Spanish Story for Kids – 7 Brown Bear Activities and Free Printable

Spanish Picture Book Reviews

Latino Picture Books for Home and Classroom – These Latino picture books connect to various Spanish-speaking countries and speak to important aspects of culture.

Elementary Spanish Books with Teacher’s Guide – Language Together publishes this fabulous set of 10 books to teach high-frequency vocabulary with simple sentences and fun stories.

Spanish Yoga Books for Every Season – This set of four Spanish yoga books has a story for each season, making them excellent books to use with Spanish learners throughout the year.

Spanish-English Board Books for Language Learners – Board books by Leslie Patricelli have short sentences supported by bright pictures.

Maya’s Blanket: Bilingual Book by Monica BrownMaya’s Blanket – La manta de Maya is an excellent choice for children learning Spanish. It is above all a wonderful book for any child. It is a story of family, a love of books, and the power of telling our stories.

Candlewick Press: Spanish Favorites for Kids – Candlewick Press is an independent children’s publisher with some of the highest-quality picture books available. They publish a wide selection of bilingual books and books in Spanish.

Spanish Picture Books for Language and Content: Languages4Kidz – Languages4Kidz publishes many content-rich Spanish picture books written by Graciela Castellano

Lil’ Libros: Beautiful Bilingual Board Books – Culturally-based board books with bold illustrations

Emotions in Spanish: Mara sin cumpleaños Mara sin cumpleaños, by Peruvian-born author Mariana Llanos, is perfect for talking about feelings. It is also a very entertaining story!

Bilingual Book, Bicultural World: Finding the Music – This wonderful bilingual book by Jennifer Torres has a rich setting, appealing characters, and convincing drama.

Bilingual Picture Books Celebrate the Earth – These two beautiful bilingual picture books are published by Lee & Low Books. Call Me Tree/Llámame árbol is a story about waking up and Water Rolls, Water Rises/ El agua rueda, el agua sube brings water to life for children as it shows the way it moves and connects the Earth.

Tristán Lobo: Transitioning to Longer Stories Tristán Lobo by Mariana Llanos, is an entertaining story with a clever twist. It is an excellent choice for kids ready for a slightly longer Spanish text with accessible vocabulary.

Spanish Poems for Kids: The Poetry Friday Anthology for CelebrationsThe Poetry Friday Anthology for Celebrations is a dual language book. This fabulous collection has 156 poems in English and 156 poems in Spanish.

Meditation for Kids with Easy Spanish StoriesImaginaciones by Carolyn Clarke has 17 short imaginary adventures told in easy Spanish.

Spanish Poetry for Kids

See our collection of poetry resources and activities for Spanish learners.

Spanish Reading by Theme

Trees in Spanish – Readings with Activities A selection of online stories and activities for pictures books at different levels.

Spanish Stories about Armadillos – A printable reading and activity along with stories to read online or print.

Check out the Spanish Summer Reading Pinterest Board for more reading activities and resources.

Spanish Summer Reading Program

The Spanish Summer Reading program encourages children to read and play in Spanish during the summer months. It is a free online program, modeled on the summer reading programs that public libraries offer.

Register and find more information: Spanish Summer Reading Program.