Spanish vocabulary for water games.

Summer is here! Kids love playing water games and with water games in Spanish they learn as they keep cool. I have put together a printable list of words and phrases to help you speak Spanish with children as you play different water games. The list includes vocabulary for water activities like

  • Playing in the hose or wading pool
  • Experimenting with sink and float
  • Washing toy cars or dolls
  • Painting with water

Spanish Vocabulary for Water Games

¡Juguemos en el agua! – Spanish for Water Play

With any activity, the key to helping children learn language is to combine complete sentences with actions and voice expression that make the meaning clear. Describe what you are doing and what your child is doing as you play water games. Repeat the same phrases again and again. If you chant them or sing them with familiar tunes your child will begin to repeat them with you.

These are some of the phrases and words you use to play water games in Spanish. This is the vocabulary is on the printable PDF.

This is the vocabulary children need to play in water in Spanish.

Playing with water – Jugar con el agua

Fill the cup. –  Llena el vaso.

Empty the cup. – Vacía el vaso.

The cup is full. – El vaso está lleno.

The cup is empty. – El vaso está vacío.

Pour water in the bucket. – Pon agua en el balde.

Use the cup to fill the bucket. –  Usa el vaso para llenar el balde.

Dump the water out. – Bota el agua. Saca el agua.

Pour the water on your foot. – Echa agua en tu pie.

Get the sponge wet. – Moja la esponja.

I don’t want to get wet. – No quiero mojarme.

I’m wet. – Estoy mojado/a.

I’m soaked. – Estoy empapado/a.

Get my feet wet. – Mójame los pies.

Don’t get me wet. – No me mojes.

Splash me. – Mójame.

Don’t splash me. – No me mojes.

Turn the water on. – Abre la llave.

Turn it off. – Cierra la llave.

Turn it down. – Cierra la llave un poco.

Turn it on a little harder. – Abre la llave un poco.

The water is cold! – ¡El agua está fría!

Grammar note – Agua needs a masculine article because it begins with the letter a and the a is stressed. The same is true of el águila, el hacha, el hambre. (This is because it is too hard to say and hear la agua. We say an apple instead of a apple for the same reason.)  However, agua and the other examples are feminine nouns, so adjectives used with them are feminine.
– I like cold water. – Me gusta el agua fría.
– The eagle is small. – El águila es pequeña.
– I’m very hungry. – Tengo mucha hambre.

Essential Spanish water vocabulary for children.

Does it sink or float? – ¿Se hunde o flota?

It will sink. –  Va a hundirse.

It will float. – Va a flotar.

It sunk! – ¡Se hundió!

It’s floating. – Está flotando.

It floats. – Flota.

Washing toys

Put the cars in the water. – Pon los carros en el agua.

Put soap in the water. – Échale jabón al agua.

Wash the cars. – Lava los carros.

Rinse the cars. – Enjuaga los carros.

Dry the cars. – Seca los carros.

Put the doll in the water. – Pon la muñeca en el agua.

Wash her/his feet. – Lávale los pies.

Wash her/his arms. – Lávale los brazos.

Painting with water

Put water on your brush. – Pon agua en la brocha.

Use the roller. – Usa el rodillo.

Do you want to use the roller? – ¿Quieres usar el rodillo?

Paint your name. – Pinta tu nombre.

I’m going to paint my name. – Voy a pintar mi nombre.

Can you paint …? – ¿Puedes pintar …?

Water toys and other useful water words

soap – jabón

sponge – la esponja

bottle – la botella

paint brush – la brocha (big brush for painting walls)

bucket – el balde (la cubeta – Mexico)

cup – el vaso

funnel – el embudo

hole – el agujero, el hueco, el huequito

hose – la manguera

faucet – la llave

sprinkler – la regadera, el aspersor

wading pool – la alberca para niños, la piscina para niños

water balloon – el globo de agua

Playing in water is a great way to learn Spanish water words.

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