This Day of the Dead Spanish reading activity ties in to Día de los muertos as kids practice language skills.

Use this Day of the Dead Spanish reading activity with elementary students to practice language skills and raise awareness of the traditional celebration. The printable pages have 10 Day of the Dead related pictures and a two-sentence description card for each picture.

Printable matching and timeline materials to support the Spanish YouTube series Buena Gente.

We created the Spanish YouTube series Buena Gente for language learners. These Spanish videos for beginners teach everyday language in the context of a story. Below, you can download a free timeline activity and matching activity to use these fun Spanish videos for class or independent learning at home.

Learning about Spanish place names in the United States teaches children about Hispanic heritage and language.

The United States has states, cities, rivers and mountains with names in Spanish. Looking at the meaning of Spanish place names in the United States is a fun way to connect with the Hispanic heritage of the country and practice language skills at the same time.

Singing is such a fun, effective way to learn language! Of course, students need to understand what they are singing to learn. That’s why it’s important to make songs comprehensible by associating pictures and gestures with new language. Today I’m sharing my favorite Spanish vocabulary songs for elementary themes.

Elementary Spanish blogs provide useful resources to teachers and parents.

I really appreciate teachers who write elementary Spanish blogs! On social media, I can ask a question and get helpful answers right away, but I love blogs for other reasons. There is a good chance you will, too. Below you’ll find 7 elementary Spanish blogs you should know about.

Students learn Spanish tener expressions with this printable board game.

Many tener expressions are common, everyday vocabulary, and my students learn the high-frequency vocabulary early. We use these phrases all the time! I made this tener expressions game for my youngest students to take home and play with their families. This tener expressions game is a fun way to involve parents, and it gives focused practice with four basic phrases…