These actors appear in the Learn Spanish Series Buena Gente S4.

The new season of the Learn Spanish Series Buena gente follows Sandra and Alejandro as they move into a beautiful old house while their apartment is being painted. There, they discover a note and clues to a mystery from long ago.

These are the four Spanish spring vocabulary infographics you can download.

It’s May, and it’s beautiful. This month is going to be a hard one in many ways, but spring is here. That is something to celebrate, and many teachers and parents are looking for ways to include Spanish spring vocabulary as part of their lessons.

Cover images of Spanish readers online for remote learning.

It’s been clear for some time that the future of texts is digital, and that we will all access Spanish readers online eventually. However, no one predicted that in 2020 everyone would be learning remotely. Everyday, I’m grateful for the technology that allows us to connect with students and gives them access to the Spanish input they need as we…

These pages show the vocabulary in the ebook about playing games in Spanish.

For many of us, the flip side of social distancing is more time at home to play with our families. While we’re together, classic games and everyday activities are opportunities to speak Spanish with children. Drawing, doing a jigsaw puzzle or playing games in Spanish you expose kids to vocabulary in a natural, fun context. If your children are learning…

The los pollitos lyrics in a printable picture book for kids learning Spanish.

Spring is on the way, and Los pollitos dicen is the perfect song to sing with language learners. Children sing this traditional song throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Today I’m sharing a darling coloring-story book of the song with the Los pollitos dicen lyrics I use in my classes. 

Use these Spanish video lessons for remote learning and online classes.

With schools closed across the country, teachers are doing their best to move instruction online. Spanish video lessons are one option. Below you’ll find a variety of free video-based activities to use with Spanish learners. All of the videos are free on YouTube.