Common words make a fun summer activity in thiis Spanish photo challenge for kids.

I’m always looking for new ways to make Spanish fun and relevant for kids. I think this Spanish photo challenge is an excellent activity for language learners! It’s creative, personal, and kids of all levels learn as we talk about the pictures. The Spanish Photo Challenge This Spanish photo challenge has 28 themes, all of them high-frequency vocabulary familiar to…

Learn about part of the United States with these Puerto Rico facts for kids in Spanish and English.

Puerto Rico is 100 miles long and 35 miles wide, making its area about 3,500 square miles, the third largest island in the United States. Did you know that unlike the rest of the United States, Puerto Rico has two official languages? English and Spanish! Or that it has an island inhabited by monkeys? Keep reading for more interesting Puerto…

Peg and Pog is a Spanish language learning app with native speaker audio and opportunity for creative play.

If you are like me, you are always on the lookout for opportunities to expose children to Spanish. Of course, you can’t just throw words at them and expect them to learn! I’m looking for a way to create an engaging, quality educational experience. I recently found one with Peg and Pog, a Spanish learning app for kids from Kenikeni…

With these Spanish trivia questions kids practice language skills in a fun quiz activity.

Asking and answering Spanish trivia questions was one of my kids’ favorite games when they were young. My students love it, too, and it’s an excellent way to practice reading, listening and speaking. You can download a set of 80 printable cards with Spanish trivia quiz questions below.

When kids finish a book they color a book on this Spanish reading progress sheet.

We want all kids to enjoy reading, or having someone read to them. Many children like to keep track of progress, so a Spanish reading progress sheet is just the thing to motivate those language learners. Below you can download our new Spanish reading progress sheet for Spanish Summer Read and Play.

Kids learn seasonal vocabulary with this picture based Spanish reading for spring.

I made this Spanish reading for spring to celebrate the season and practice basic vocabulary. The picture has action and emotion as well as spring words. I also made a question activity with the picture to practice Spanish question words.