Spanish yoga for kids is fun, active language learning.

Practicing yoga in Spanish is a wonderful way for kids to learn language. It also helps them become happy, healthy people as they learn to use yoga to control stress and stay active. Kids Yoga Stories has created a fabulous online resource for Spanish yoga for kids.

This free online reference has 58 kids yoga poses in Spanish. Each pose is illustrated with bright, easy-to-understand images that kids will love. Find the poses here: Spanish Yoga for Kids.

Why Try Spanish Yoga for Kids?

Yoga poses create comprehensible input.
The poses were inspired by the natural world. This makes it easy for parents and teachers to create comprehensible input by demonstrating the meaning of words.

Movement enhances language learning.
As children do the poses they are imitating animals and plants and acting out verbs. They associate the words and the movement to internalize language. Spanish yoga for kids is active language learning!

Sequence supports learning.
Sequence, central to the practice of yoga, aids language learning because it provides structure. Doing poses in order makes them predictable. Children can anticipate what pose comes next, and this increases listening comprehension. It is much easier for them to hear what they are expecting. Kids Yoga Stories has many free yoga sequences on their website. Use the page of poses in Spanish as a reference.

Children relax and learn.
The relaxation and meditation techniques of yoga help children manage stress. Yoga in Spanish establishes a relationship between the language and relaxation. Doing yoga, children develop the habit of learning with relaxed open minds.

Meditation stories are another wonderful way to establish the important connection between relaxation and language learning. Imaginaciones by Carolyn Clarke is a beautiful book of short easy meditations in Spanish that children will love. Combine these stories with Spanish yoga for kids.

Yoga creates a calm, positive space to learn.
Yoga also creates a safe environment for making mistakes and taking risks. Anxiety and self-doubt interfere with language learning. Yoga promotes self-confidence so that kids listen, participate and learn.

Children learn about the world.
Yoga is global and creates global awareness. There are many ways to explore other cultures through yoga. One of the best is with Kids Yoga Stories books in Spanish. These picture books have yoga poses woven into the stories. Reading these books and practicing yoga, children learn about places and animals around the world.

Buenas Noches, Mundo Animal – Children say goodnight to animals around the world. The book includes a map in Spanish which shows where the different animals in the story live. Talking about the continents and countries is an excellent extension activity for language learners. Find the book on Kids Yoga Stories or Amazon.

Sofía en una Aventura por la Selva – An excellent introduction to the rain forest of Costa Rica. Find the book on Kids Yoga Stories or Amazon.

Lucas en un Día en la Playa – A wonderful introduction to the animals of Australia including the an important message about caring for our oceans and beaches. Find the book on Kids Yoga Stories or Amazon.

Hola, Bali – Children learn about the beautiful island of Bali. Find the book on Kids Yoga Stories or Amazon.

To learn Spanish, children need many kinds of exposure to the language. It is important that Spanish is fun and that there is enough content and substance to engage children beyond the language itself. Spanish yoga for kids is a real activity. Doing yoga in Spanish, kids will learn yoga and language, and they will love it!

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