Spanish learning songs focus on important vocabulary and verb forms.

Are you looking for some great songs to help kids learn Spanish? Spanish for You! has recently added music to their learning program, and the songs are also available to download separately. These Spanish learning songs are a wonderful resource for anyone teaching or learning the language.

Spanish for You! is an elementary Spanish curriculum for grades 3-8. They have collaborated with Mariana Iranzi, one of my favorite children’s recording artists, to create quality Spanish learning songs. The Spanish for You! curriculum is organized by themes, so these songs fit easily into many different elementary Spanish programs.

These Spanish learning songs are designed to help children master important vocabulary and structures. They are content rich, and also use the language in a logical context. The songs include lots of key nouns related to the theme, making them particularly easy and fun to use with pictures. They also include important verbs and dialog patterns.

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Spanish Learning Songs

Spanish for You! songs are available to download now. You can listen to clips and download the songs with lyric sheets here. Scroll down to find the information on the songs.

Music is one of my favorite learning tools. It is one of the most effective ways to learn vocabulary and also an excellent review of familiar language. Incorporating pictures and actions, song are a fun, active way to learn language.

I’m thrilled that these new songs are available from Spanish for You! and Mariana Iranzi. More music is on the way as they add songs to additional themes in the program. We will let you know as they become available!

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