End of school printable activity for kids learning Spanish.

At the end of the school year, kids have fun looking back on what they have done and learned. With my students who read and write, I do a simple activity where they record their favorite books, songs, games and other information about the year. These printable Spanish activities remind children of all they have accomplished and are a nice way to close a class.

I have attached two of my activities for the end of school. Neither is complicated, but one uses more language and is for children who have more Spanish. The other is simpler and works well with younger kids. You can easily make something similar that fits your needs.

With any level student, I find it helpful to talk about the books, songs and games together as a group and list them on the board before they work individually. With a little prompting, they will remember more of what they have done. Cantamos varias canciones de animales. ¿Recuerden la del caballito? – Sí, Caballito Blanco. Also, my students can sing lots of songs and describe books, but they do not necessarily remember the titles.

simple printable for end of school       A Spanish activity for the end of school.

Links to Printable Spanish End of School Activities

Printable Spanish End of School – Simple Mi año escolar activity
Printable Spanish End of School – Mi año escolar activity with more language

I have also done end of school activities where the class votes on their favorite song, book and game. If you like, this can involve re-reading stories and singing songs before tallying a show of hands.

Regardless of the end of school activity you do, kids enjoy thinking about the year and what they have learned. It is an important part of the transition to summer and to the next school year.

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