spanish fathers day

Father’s Day is coming up in a couple of weeks. It is on June 17th this year, and for those of you who want to get a head start here are a few resources. In Spanish, Father’s Day is Día del padre or Día de los padres. Making Spanish Father’s Day cards is a great language activity for kids. One of the easiest ways to make cards is using the printables on the website Correomágico. I like this site because the cards have a variety of messages. Kids can read lots of words and phrases related to fathers, love and family. Then they can write personalize the text on the card they chose to print.

To personalize the printable Spanish Father’s Day cards on Correomágico, just click on Personalizar e imprimir gratis below the card. A pop-up advertisement might open, but after you close that, there is a simple form to personalize the card.

Children will understand the labels from the example text, but these are the words in the form:
Destinatario (Recipient)
Escribe tu mensaje (Write your message)
Firma (Signature)
Fecha (Date)

Correomágico also has Spanish Father’s Day bookmarks, señaladores, that you can personalize and print. There are three designs with several different phrases of sample text. There is also a mini-poster from the family dog.

Link to printable Spanish Father’s Day Cards:

Spanish Father’s Day Cards from Correomágico


El arte de recrear is a site from Argentina and has a variety of cards to print. Just click on the image and use the print command in your brower. There are cards in color and in black and white for kids to color.


Link to printable Spanish Father’s Day Cards in Color:

Spanish Father’s Day cards in color from El arte de recrear


El arte de recrear also has cards in black and white for kids to color. Some of these have blank spaces for children to write their own messages, and there are examples of phrases they might want to use at the bottom of the page.

Link to Spanish Father’s Day Cards for kids to color:

Spanish Father’s Day to color from El arte de recrear


Nourish Interactive has several printable Spanish Father’s Day cards. Most have simple messages like Feliz Día de los Padres or Feliz Día Saludable de los Padres (Happy Healthy Father’s Day). Some are in color, and there are others in black and white for kids to color. There are also certificates for el mejor padre and certificados de regalo (gift certificates) for a special activity.

Follow the link below and then scroll down and click on the card you want. There will be a box on the right side of the next screen that says Descargue esta hoja (Download this sheet). Click on Archivo en español (File in Spanish) for the Spanish printable.

Link to Spanish Father’s Day Cards and Certificates:

Spanish Father’s Day Cards from Nourish Interactive

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