Easy Spanish stories introduce children to spring vocabulary.

Spring is on its way! These two easy Spanish stories make it easy to talk about spring with children learning Spanish.

¡Es primavera!

¡Es primavera! introduces young Spanish learners to spring vocabulary in the context of full sentences. It is an online ebook on issuu or you can download it as a PDF. The book has a simple pattern using the verb veo and photos that make it easy for kids to understand the Spanish.  Click the cover for full screen.

You can download ¡Es primavera! an easy Spanish book for spring here.

Mamá pájaro – A Printable Mini-book

Mamá pájaro is a free printable mini-book from DLTK. It is available in color or in black and white so kids can color it. The book repeats some of the vocabulary used in Es primavera.

The story follows a mother bird as she builds her nest, lays and sits on her eggs and feeds her babies. The predictable sequence of events is perfect for Spanish language learners. The pictures make the meaning of the text very clear.

Download Mamá pájaro.

There are lots of follow-up activities you can do to reinforce the vocabulary in these two easy Spanish stories. Try activities like these:

– Make a “spring walk” checklist with words from the easy Spanish stories. Choose things you can see in your neighborhood: flores, hierba,  pájaro, árbol, nido, conejito, rama, gusano. Draw simple pictures next to the words. Take a walk, talking about what you see and and checking off words as you see them. Use the word veo as often as you can.

– Print an extra copy of Mamá pájaro and cut out the pictures to make puppets with popsicle sticks. Act out the story.

– Children who are learning to read and write can label the pictures with the key vocabulary in the easy Spanish stories. The vocabulary from Mamá pájaro that they can use to label the illustrations includes: el pájaro, la ramita, el árbol, el nido, los huevos, el gusano, los bebés.

– Kids can illustrate the text from Es primavera to make their own book about spring. They can add other sentences with the same pattern.

– Try spring crafts that let you reinforce the words in the books. Here are a few examples:

Tissue Paper Flower with Free Printable for flor and the colors.

Nest and Bird Craft for nido, pájaro, ramita, and the colors.

What’s hiding in the grass for gusano, flores, pájaro, conejito, patito and anything else you want to put in the picture.

Colorable Spring Banner with Free Printablepájaro, flor, and the colors. You can easily add more vocabulary.

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