A set of listening activities for a Dia de Muertos video for Spanish learners.

This Día de los Muertos video is a short conversation about building a Day of the Dead altar. This tradition is an important part of Mexican culture. Watch the video and try the Día de los Muertos video listening activities below.

These favorite Spanish greeting songs teach basic vocabulary and culture to kids.

Singing is a wonderful way to start the day or a class. In a school setting, we sing Spanish greeting songs to pull the group together and because singing gets everyone listening and producing the language. We also sing because singing makes kids happy and is one of the best ways for children to learn Spanish. Typically, these songs teach…

Spanish goodbye songs bring kids together at the end of class and teach vocabulary for leaving others.

Music is one of the best ways to help kids transition from one activity to the next. So, I use good-bye songs to help them get ready to go, or transition to whatever is happening after our class. I have used these 5 favorite Spanish goodbye songs with kids of different ages and levels.

Image of short Spanish readings with photos to use with language learners.

Short Spanish readings provide learners with exposure to language and an opportunity to work independently to build their skills. While students can be intimidated by the speed of the speech they hear, reading allows them to process language at their own pace and go back and reread when they don’t understand. In addition, pairing short readings with photos provides visual…

A printable Spanish I Spy reading game wiith board and game cards.

The game I Spy in Spanish is called Veo veo. It is a quick way to have fun with language, and you can easily adapt the game to different levels. This summer version incorporates reading by using a set of cards with descriptions. Play this Spanish I Spy reading game with your family or students using one of the suggestions…

Spanish speaking practice in the form of a fun bingo-card challenge encourages kids to produce the language.

Kids need practice producing the Spanish they have learned. However, speaking practice can be hard to structure. It is much easier to set up situations where children are understanding Spanish than situations where they are producing it. These quick Spanish speaking practice ideas encourage children to produce words they know.