A printable Spanish vocabulary game where kids identify what is missing from a set.

This printable Spanish vocabulary game involves identifying which object is missing from a set. It is easy to make for any vocabulary you can represent with pictures. I have included an example to download at the end of the post with animal, food and natural world vocabulary.

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This activity is similar to the memory game where kids see a group of objects for a short time and then try to identify which one has been removed. As a language activity however, this printable Spanish vocabulary game is easier because it is a comparison and does not depend on memory. The activity itself is not at all tricky for kids; it is simply a way to hear and speak more Spanish. You can have kids color or circle the extra object on the left to show what is missing.

Download an example of the printable Spanish vocabulary game ¿Qué falta?

The printable Spanish vocabulary game ¿Qué falta?

  • is easy to make.
  • can use just pictures or pictures and text.
  • can be adapted for different ages by using more pictures.
  • gives kids a visual reference for the word they have to produce.
  • makes it easy to review vocabulary first. Just name the pictures together. Fold the paper vertically if you want to review without kids looking ahead.
  • can be used to practice derecha and izquierda if you refer to the boxes using those words. It is a good idea to have kids label the boxes to make this easier.
  • can be used to practice the verbs hay, estar or faltar. You can adapt questions and model sentences for the verb you are practicing.
  • can be done as pair work. Kids ask each other ¿Dónde está? questions about each box and mark off the objects. In this case, determining what is missing is the cooperative goal. Of course, they can easily do identify what is missing without naming everything, but it is good practice.
  • can also be done with objects. You will need two of each object.

The printable Spanish vocabulary game ¿Qué falta? is also easy to adapt to other activities. For example, you can give oral or written instructions: Colorea la fresa de color rojo. Pon un círculo alrededor del sol. You can also describe an object for children to identify: Es una fruta amarilla. Este animal produce leche. As with most picture-based activities, there are lots of possibilites!

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