Spanish prayers for kids at mealtime and bedtime teach language and faith.

If religion is a part of your family or school life it can be a valuable source of language for children. Teaching faith strengthens language skills because it is an integral part of daily life. In addition, it taps into music, stories, routine, and repetition. Below you will find a variety of short Spanish prayers for kids.

Prayers, like poetry, are often memorized and recited. Be sure to check out our poetry resource page Spanish Poems for Kids.  It has poems for children and information about sharing them with language learners.

Short Spanish Prayers for Kids

Prayer can be an important part of daily routine. In addition, mealtime prayers in Spanish and bedtime prayers in Spanish are rich language experiences.

Of course, you will adapt Spanish prayers for kids to your family and or class. Below you’ll find prayers to use as they are or adapt to make more relevant and personal. There are also printable pages of the mealtime and bedtime prayers in Spanish.

Thank you to all the teachers and parents who shared their prayers with me!

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Spanish Mealtime Prayers for Kids

Mealtime prayers in Spanish teach gratitude and language related to food and family.

Gracias a Dios por la comida.
Gracias por la gente que la ha preparado.

Gracias Jesús por este día.
Gracias Jesús por mi familia.
Gracias Jesús por esta comida.
Yo te doy mi corazón.

Bendícenos, Señor, y estos alimentos
que vamos a recibir de tu generosidad
por Cristo Nuestro Señor,

Tú que das el agua a los campos,
la tierra a las plantas,
el fruto a los hombres,
danos bendito este alimento,
para que vuelto fortaleza,
te podamos servir mejor.
Así sea.

Gracias Señor
por estos alimentos.
Bendice las manos que los hicieron.
En el nombre de Jesús,

Niñito Jesús, nacido en Belén.
Bendice estos alimentos que vamos a comer
y bendice las manitas que los prepararon.

Bendícenos Señor, a nosotros y a estos alimentos
que por Tu bondad vamos a tomar.
Bendice a las personas que los prepararon.
Da pan a los que tienen hambre
y danos hambre de Tí a los que tenemos pan.

Gracias Papá Dios por los alimentos que vamos a consumir
y por las manos que los prepararon.
Provéeles a quienes no tienen alimento,
o guíanos a ellos para ofrecerles de nuestro pan.
En el nombre de Jesús,

Printable Page of Mealtime Prayers in Spanish

Download a printable page of the mealtime prayers in Spanish: Oraciones para antes de comer.

Spanish Bedtime Prayers for Kids

Bedtime prayers in Spanish are another routine that naturally incorporate language.

One of first bedtime prayers many children learn is the Guardian Angel prayer in Spanish, Ángel de mi guarda. There are several versions.

Ángel de mi guarda,
dulce compañía,
no me desampares,
ni de noche ni de día.
No me dejes solo
que me perdería.

This is another version of the oración Ángel de la guarda :

Ángel de la guarda,
dulce compañía,
no me desampares,
ni de noche ni de día,
hasta que me pongas
en paz y alegría,
con todos los Santos,
Jesús y María.

Ángel de la Guarda,
mi buen amigo,
llévame siempre,
por el buen camino.

Señor, gracias por este día que termina.
Todo lo que pude hacer te lo debo a ti.
Todo lo que hoy no pude,
seguro que con tu ayuda
mañana lo lograré si es tu voluntad.
Bendice mi descanso y el de mi familia
en el nombre de Jesús.

5-Finger Prayer in Spanish

Teach these Spanish prayers for kids for mealtime and bedtime.

The 5-finger prayer, or la oración de los cinco dedos, is a simple method to help children remember who to include in their bedtime prayers. Many attribute the Rezar con los cinco dedos method to Pope Francis when he was Archbishop of Buenos Aires, and many churches have adopted it.

The 5-finger prayer uses each finger to remind children to pray for a certain group of people. Children move from the thumb through the fingers on their hand. You can find explanations of the 5-finger prayer online, but this is the basic idea:

  1. The thumb is the closest finger to you. Start praying for those who are closest to you, the people you love.
  2. Next is the index finger. Pray for the people who teach you. They need support and wisdom to guide others.
  3. The next finger is the tallest. It reminds you of leaders and people with authority. They need God’s guidance.
  4. The fourth finger, the ring finger, is the weakest finger. It reminds you to pray for the weak, the sick or those troubled by problems.
  5. Last is the smallest finger. The smallest finger reminds you to pray for yourself. Because you have already prayed for others, you see your own needs in perspective.

The 5-finger prayer provides a structure children can personalize. It reminds them to pray for their family and friends and also helps them to think beyond their immediate circle.

Of course, the language in the 5-finger prayer in Spanish will vary. I’m sharing a printable page as an example of the language your child might use. I made this example with young language learners in mind.

Printable Pages of Bedtime Prayers in Spanish

Download 3 Bedtime prayers in Spanish: Oraciones para antes de dormir.
Download 5-finger prayer example: Ejemplo del método de rezar con los cinco dedos.

Are Spanish prayers for kids a part of your family or school life? If you have favorite prayers you say with children, please share them in the comments below.

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