These free Spanish PDF books for kids use simple sentences and common vocabulary.

Many of my students are novice learners, so I need Spanish books for beginners. Of course, we read picture books, but I also create my own Spanish PDF books for kids. You can download two of them below. Making my own books gives me control over the language, so I can create content based on what my students know and are learning. I recently made two new Spanish PDF books that focus on animal and house vocabulary.

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Spanish Books for Beginners

I make Spanish PDF books for kids using common sentence structures, usually with one of the super seven verbs, and high-frequency vocabulary. In addition, I use a pattern that builds in repetition and support the language with public domain photos.

For example, one of the Spanish PDF books uses gustar and animal vocabulary. The other book uses estar and house vocabulary in Spanish.

Easy Spanish Books to Download or Read Online

You can download Spanish PDF books to read on a tablet or phone, or you can read them online. You can also project them to read with a class. The photos look great on any device or in a viewer if you read them online.

Here are instructions for putting PDFs on Apple devices or putting PDFs on Androids.

Of course, you can certainly download and print the PDFs too. I have also printed individual pages for writing activities. One of the things I like best about Spanish PDF books for kids are the options for how to use them with language learners.

Free Spanish PDF Books: Les gusta la nieve

Free Spanish PDF books for kids with controlled language and beautiful photos.

This 11-page book uses gustar with the third person indirect object pronoun. Because we do so much work with me gusta and te gusta, I want to expose students to le gusta too.

The book also has common animal vocabulary and a winter theme.

Download Les gusta la nieve Spanish ebook here. (12-page PDF).

This book is also included in our set of 9 PDF Books for Beginners. Find a link to that set below.

Spanish PDF Books: ¿Dónde está el gato?

Read these Spanish PDF books for kids on any device.

Like my other Spanish PDF books for kids, ¿Dónde está el gato? focuses on one of the super seven verbs, in this case estar for location. It uses fun pictures of cats in different places and incorporates lots of house vocabulary in Spanish.

This 12-page PDF is available as part of a set of 9 photo-based books for beginners.

Get the set of 9 Spanish PDF Books for Beginners.

More Spanish Books for Beginners in PDF

I made 5 Spanish PDF books for kids for my students to read with their families. These books have translations and a guide at the back as support for parents.

Find those free Spanish ebooks for kids here: Easy Spanish Book PDF for Kids

Free Spanish PDF books are an excellent option for language learners. You can easily create your own personalized books or tap into the resources available online. If you have favorite Spanish ebooks for kids, please share in comments.

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