Spanish songs for children

This lovely Spanish song, Hola buen día, día is wonderful for children learning the language. The song is a poem by Douglas Wright, a well-known author and illustrator from Argentina. Douglas is also a musician and performer. He has set the poem to music and shares the song on his blog El Jardín de Douglas.

I wrote an article about using the poem Hola buen día, día with Spanish language learners in November. Douglas Wright illustrates his work, and the poem and the illustration are available on his blog. The article I wrote includes ideas for teaching the poem using the illustration. You can find that post here: Spanish poem for children.

The Spanish song Hola buen día, día makes the poem even more accessible to language learners. The rhythm helps children memorize the song. Singing is also excellent pronunciation practice, as children absorb and imitate native-speaker Spanish. As you will hear, the song is done as an echo. It is perfect for sharing with children!

Listen to the Spanish song Hola buen día, día.

These are the lyrics of the song. You can also find the poem and the illustration on El Jardín de Douglas using this link: Spanish poem with illustration  A translation follows these lyrics.

“Hola, buen día, día”,
digo con alegría;
digo “buen día, cielo”
digo “buen día, sol”;
esta vida es mi vida,
la vida de este día;
este día es mi día:
este día soy yo.

Hi, good day, day
I say happily;
I say “Good day, sky”
I say “Good day, sun”
This life is my life,
My life today.
This day is my day:
This day I am I. (or as we often say “I am me”)

The poem, illustration and song of Hola buen día, día are a wonderful combination of materials for children learning Spanish. They allow kids to work with the language in different ways and provide for the repetition they need to really learn Spanish. I so appreciate that Douglas Wright generously makes his work available on his blog!

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