Peru facts for kids in a reading and crossword puzzle.

It is important to introduce children to different Spanish-speaking countries. These Peru facts and crossword puzzles are a good place to start. You can print the Peru facts reading and puzzle in English or Spanish.

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These Peru facts are intended to help children visualize where the country is and give them basic information so they can build a context for future learning. Photos are also a good way to help children begin to understand what other countries are like. This collection has photos from Peru and other Spanish-speaking countries, with simple captions for kids learning the language.

There are several ways to use these Peru facts and puzzles.

  • As a reading activity, either in English or Spanish, in conjunction with the crossword puzzle.
  • Aa matching activity by using the two languages. Remove the numbers from both languages, cut the readings into strips and mix them up. Kids match the English to the Spanish.
  • With a higher level, you can read a sentence aloud in one language and have kids find the corresponding fact in the other language.

Peru Facts – Readings and Puzzles

Download the printables:

Peru Facts in English

Peru Facts Crossword in English

Crossword Answers – English

Peru Facts in Spanish

Peru Facts Crossword in Spanish

Crossword Answers – Spanish

These are the Peru facts on the printables.


1. Perú es el tercer país más grande de Sudamérica.

2. Perú tiene una costa en el océano Pacífico.

3. Ecuador, Colombia, Brasil, Chile y Bolivia colindan con Perú.

4. La cordillera de los Andes corre de norte a sur por todo el país.

5. Chile está al sur de Perú.

6. La selva amazónica cubre más de la mitad del país.

7. La bandera es de color rojo y blanco.

8. El dinero que se usa en Perú se llama el Nuevo Sol.

9. Lima, la capital de Perú, tiene más de 9 millones de personas.

10. La independencia de Perú se celebra el 28 de julio.

11. Quechua, una lengua indígena, es la segunda lengua oficial del país.

12. Las papas se cultivaban originalmente en Perú.

13. El cóndor andino es uno de los aves más grandes del mundo.

14. Machu Picchu era una ciudad de los Inca.

15. La gente de los Andes usa la lana de la llama y de la alpaca para hacer ropa.


1. Peru is the third largest country in South America.

2. Peru is on the Pacific coast of South America.

3. Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Chile and Bolivia all share borders with Peru.

4. The Andes mountain range runs through Peru from north to south.

5. Chile is south of Peru.

6. The Amazon jungle covers more than half the country.

7. The Peruvian flag is red and white.

8. The money used in Peru is called the Nuevo Sol.

9. Lima, the capital city, has more than 9 million people.

10. Peru celebrates its independence on July 28th.

11. Quechua, an indigenous language, is the second official language of the country.

12. Potatoes were first grown in Peru.

13. The Andean Condor, one of world’s largest birds, lives in Peru.

14. Machu Picchu was an Inca city high in the Andes of Peru.

15. The people of the Andes use the wool of the llama and the alpaca to make clothing.

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