A Spanish story that incorporates yoga for kids.

Are you looking for fun activities for the first week of school or a new morning routine for class or home? This Spanish yoga story from Kids Yoga Stories could be the perfect way to get kids moving and learning. Yoga for kids and Spanish are a wonderful combination!

Hola, Bali teaches yoga for kids and creates an excellent language experience. Yoga poses are woven into the narrative and illustrated on the page, so children do the poses as they listen. Hola, Bali is available on Kids Yoga Stories and from Amazon.

This beautiful book is set on the island of Bali and the bright illustrations and simple text provide an excellent introduction to the island. The combination of movement, a pattern story, and simple language make Hola, Bali perfect for children learning Spanish. You can read more about yoga for kids and language here.

Kids Yoga Stories are available in both English and Spanish. The Spanish editions are some of my favorite language learning activities.

Learning Spanish with Yoga for Kids

These are a few of the features that make Hola, Bali a fun and effective story for children learning Spanish.

  • There is a close text-to-illustration correspondence, so that children can understand new Spanish words from the pictures.
  • The text on each page is limited to two short sentences.
  • The text follows a pattern, making it easy for children to predict the language.
  • Each page describes something that is happening on the island, introducing children to a variety of verbs. For example, Los niños vuelven a sus casas en bicicleta desde la escuela de la aldea. Hola, niños. Las montañas miran desde arriba a esta isla tropical. Hola, montañas.
  • The last line on each page is the greeting, so children can join in saying hello to the people and natural features of the island.
  • The Spanish word for each element in the story is reinforced by the illustration and the yoga pose.
  • Doing yoga poses as they hear the story, children process the language at a deeper level than they would just listening.
  • The book includes a map of Bali, and numbers and basic phrases in Indonesian at the back of the book. I love that with this information, Spanish becomes the reference language! It will be the language that (most) kids recognize and understand. What a great way to empower Spanish learners and reinforce the fun of learning new languages!
  • Yoga is fun! Kids stay engaged with the story and the language as they act out life on the island of Bali.

Be sure to check out the many yoga sequences and activities on Kids Yoga Stories. They all incorporate language and movement in a meaningful context and make excellent Spanish learning activities. You can follow Kids Yoga Stories on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter.

Disclosure: The company sent me a copy of this book to be able to write the article.  All of the ideas and opinions are my own.

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