Spanish, like other languages, has many ways to express even the most basic ideas. and no are usually the first two words that children learn, but there are many ways to say yes, no and maybe in Spanish.

It is important that Spanish language learners become comfortable with the concept that the same idea can be expressed in many different ways. Hearing a variety of expressions for the same idea, when they can understand what is being said from the situation, gives children confidence in their ability to learn and interpret variations in language.

Children have fun playing with Spanish and saying things in different ways. These variations of and no let children express their opinions and preferences with different degrees of enthusiasm.  Use these different expressions as you talk to your child, and she will soon be using them too.

Yes/Of course
Sip – Yep
Está bien – Okay
Vale – Okay
Claro – Sure
Por supuesto – Of course
Claro que sí – Of course

Maybe/Perhaps – all of these phrases mean maybe
Tal vez
A lo mejor
Puede ser
Puede ser que sí

Claro que no – Of course not
Para nada – Not at all

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