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Are you choosing World Language Professional Development for 2023? It always amazes me how excited I get looking at conferences given how tired I am by spring! If you haven’t checked out the CI Summit 2023 in Savannah, Georgia this summer, be sure to take a look. 

After decades of world language professional development, I know what I want in a conference. First, I want to learn how to be a better teacher. I also want inspiration from experts, the opportunity to connect with other teachers and, if possible, to spend time in a cool city. The CI Summit in Savannah definitely offers all that, and there is also a virtual option so you can attend from anywhere in the world. 

World Language Professional Development 2023

I know that when I say “learn to be a better teacher” it sounds very idealistic. I can’t help it. Teaching is my job, but it is also what makes me happy. I love to learn about language acquisition and develop my skills!

Attend In-Person or Virtually

The option to attend the CI Summit virtually makes this conference especially accessible. Summer schedules can be complicated, but with the virtual option you can attend from anywhere in the world.

Acquisition-Driven Instruction and Comprehensible Input

The CI Summit offers in-depth training and support for acquisition-driven instruction and comprehensible input. No matter where you are in your CI teaching journey, this conference will build your abilities and your confidence. 

We all have absorbed the understanding and techniques of acquisition-driven instruction to different degrees. Depending on your CI experience, this conference for World Language teachers is an opportunity to make big leaps forward or refine what you’re doing to make it even more effective. 

Cohorts for World Language Professional Development

The structure of the CI Summit 2023 ensures what you learn will be applicable to your classroom. Before you attend, you choose the appropriate cohort based on your experience with Acquisition-Driven instruction. The cohort then focuses on skills appropriate to your level. All cohorts include demonstrations, discussions and opportunities to apply what you’re learning and receive feedback. 

Comprehensible Input Community and Support

If you’re like me, the energy and inspiration you get from a conference is a huge motivational boost. Much of that excitement comes from connecting with other teachers. In addition, hearing from experts in Acquisition-Driven Instruction is inspiring on a different level. 

The biggest ADI stars will be at the CI Summit including Dr. Stephen Krashen (amazing!), Justin Slocum Bailey (my hero, seriously) and others who will devote days to helping you develop skills to make your classroom a more effective, equitable space to acquire language.

The CI Summit is a collaborative effort between members of the ADI/CI Training Community, and is sponsored by Voces Digital. I’m so impressed this fabulous team is coming together for this event!

Take a look at the website for the CI Summit 2023 and you’ll see there is a reduced rate for early registration through May 1st. Whenever you register, use the code PLAYGROUND to get $10 off.

Collaboration and Support at World Language Professional Development

Community and support are built into the CI Summit. In addition to skill training, collaboration, and coaching for your cohort, you’ll have time in smaller groups with coaches who will answer your specific questions and ensure your skills grow through the week.

Connecting is an essential part of World Language professional development. At the CI Summit, you’ll meet other world language teachers and share ideas and support. It’s an exciting opportunity to improve your teaching skills and expand your professional network.

I do love a great conference. Quality professional development is exhilarating! There is nothing like the experience of all those creative teaching minds coming together to inject new energy and more joy into what we do. The CI Summit 2023 is an amazing opportunity to learn and connect. See you in Savannah!

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