body parts in Spanish

Descubre las palabras del cuerpo humano is a good activity for children who are learning to read and write the body parts in Spanish. Each screen has a picture of a body part and a word with two letters missing. There are letter combinations above the word and you drag and drop the correct letter combination into the spaces. Children do not have to recognize the word with the letters missing. Instead, they can identify the vocabulary from the picture and put in the missing letter sounds.

Click on the link to do the activity with the body parts in Spanish, and then click on versió castellea in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. When you complete a word correctly, Muy bien appears. Click on Nueva actividad to get a new word to complete.

This is the vocabulary used in the activity. The words may appear more than once, with different letters missing.

bigote negro – black moustache
bigote rubio – blond moustache
boca – mouth
cabello negro – black hair
cabello rubio – blond hair
cabeza – head
cejas negras – black eyebrows
dientes – teeth
labios – lips
lengua – tongue
manos – hands
nariz – nose
ojo – eye
ojos azules – blue eyes
ojos marrones – brown eyes
ojos verdes – green eyes
oreja – ear
pestañas – eye lashes
piernas – legs

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