These 12 phrases are different ways to say delicious in Spanish and are appropriate at any meal.

The holiday season and many holiday meals are just around the corner, so this is an excellent time for children to learn different ways to say delicious in Spanish. One of best ways to build vocabulary is with synonyms and common phrases for a specific context. During meals, we often talk about how much we enjoy the food. As children eat with family and friends they can use these 12 ways to say delicious in Spanish.

These sentences express personal reactions, so the sentences with adjectives all use the verb estar. This is the natural and correct way to react to delicious food.

Ways to Say Delicious: Speaking Generally

As children share meals with family they can use the sentences below. The phrases are in the most general form. In other words, they are in the form we use to talk about a meal as a whole or to refer to various dishes at one time.

Ways to Say Delicious in Spanish: Specific Foods

When you refer to a specific food with these phrases, the verbs and adjectives agree with the subject. For example, La sopa está riquísima, Me encantan los tacos, Las papas están buenísimas.

Practice Agreement with Ways to Say Delicious in Spanish

You can use these different ways to say delicious in Spanish to practice agreement. Have students work in pairs or small groups and provide a word list or picture/word cards for them to draw. As they pretend to eat each food, students express how much they like it and make the necessary changes to make the verb or adjective agree.

ACTFL Standards: Interpersonal Communication

If you align activities with the ACTFL World Readiness Standards for Learning Languages, having students practice expressing their reactions to food aligns with Standard 1.1 Interpersonal Communication. You can structure the activity in different ways. As long as students are eating (or pretending to eat) and expressing how much they enjoy the food, these phrases will build their vocabulary and interpersonal communication skills.

Download 12 Ways to Say Delicious in Spanish

You can download a printable of the ways to say delicious here.  The PDF is identical to the image above, but with a white background.

Qué rico.
Me gusta.
Está excelente.
Me gusta mucho.
Está buenísimo.
Me encanta.
Está estupendo.
Qué delicioso.
Está riquísimo.
Está espectacular.
Qué sabroso.

Are you going to be cooking with kids this holiday season? In addition to learning ways to say delicious in Spanish, they can use the language in the kitchen as they help prepare meals. See this post for ideas: Spanish in the Kitchen.

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