The Veo veo song teaches Spanish letter sounds and vocabulary in the context of a traditional game.

The Veo veo song and game are great language activities for learning Spanish. Veo veo is the game I Spy in English. In addition to the game, there is a Veo veo song in Spanish.

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The  Veo veo song begins with the traditional rhyme used to start the game and then becomes a song that plays with letter sounds. Following the Veo veo lyrics and videos below, you’ll find information about how to play Veo veo, the I Spy game in Spanish.

The children’s group Parchís, from Spain, sang the original Veo veo song, but there are many versions available now. The entire song with the different letter sounds may be too long or complicated for beginners, but the tune of the first lines is great to sing when playing the game.

The song is available to buy on Amazon and you can hear it in the videos below.  As you can see in these Veo veo lyrics, the song changes a letter in some words. As a result, there are a few nonsense words created by playing with sounds. After the nonsense word, each verse uses real words that start with the letter.

Veo Veo Lyrics

Veo veo – ¿Qué ves?
Una cosita – ¿Y qué cosita es?
Empieza con la “A”
¿Qué será? ¿Qué será? ¿Qué será?

No no no, eso no no no
Eso no no no, no es así

Con la “A” se escribe amor
Con la a se escribe adiós
La alegría del amigo
Y un montón de cosas más

Veo veo – ¿Qué ves?
Una cosita – ¿Y qué cosita es?
Empieza con la “E”
¿Qué seré? ¿Qué seré? ¿Qué seré?

No no no, eso no no no
Eso no no, no no es así

Con la “E” de la emoción
Estudiamos la expresión
Y entonando esta canción
Encontramos la verdad

Veo veo – ¿Qué ves?
Una cosita – ¿Y qué cosita es?
Empieza con la “I”
¿Qué serí? ¿Qué serí? ¿Qué serí?

No no no, eso no no no
Eso no no no, no es así

Con la “I” nuestra ilusión
Va intentando imaginar
Cuan insólita inquietud
Una infancia sin maldad

Veo veo – ¿Qué ves?
Una cosita – ¿y qué cosita es?
Empieza con la “O”
¿Qué seró? ¿Qué seró? ¿Qué seró?

No no no, eso no no no
Eso no no no, no es así

Olvidaba de observar
Que es odiable odiar
Y odiar que el horror
Aunque es con h es horror hasta el final

Veo veo – ¿Qué ves?
Una cosita – ¿y qué cosita es?
Empieza con la “U”
¿Qué serú?¿Qué serú? ¿Qué serú?

No no no, eso no no no
Eso no no no, no es así

Con la unión que hizo la “u”
Un planeta unificó
Y universos ella unió
Con la u de la unidad

Veo veo ¿Qué ves? Una cosita ¿y qué cosita es?
Empieza con la F

¿Qué seraf? ¿Qué seraf? ¿Qué seraf?

Sí sí sí, eso sí sí sí, eso sí sí sí, sí es así
Sí sí sí, eso sí sí sí, eso sí sí sí, llegó el final
Cha cha cha

Veo Veo YouTube Videos

There are several versions of the Veo veo song to watch online. These Veo veo YouTube videos are some of the most effective to use with language learners.

Veo veo song by la Familia Blu

The Veo veo song by La Familia Blu has an animated video that highlights the letters and three of the words in each verse.

The verse with O is particularly helpful for showing the word “horror” first without the letter “h” and then the word written correctly.

There are other animated versions of the Veo veo song on YouTube. Most use the original music of the children’s group from Spain, Parchís.

You may also come across the song Veo Veo by Violetta. It is an entirely different song, but I love the hit series Violetta. If you have kids who are a little older and have more Spanish, you might want to check out the program and their songs.

Veo Veo Game

The Veo veo juego can be played by two people, a small group or a class. If there are more than two players, children take turns asking the questions. It is played like I Spy in English, except there is a rhyme to start.

To play Veo veo one player selects an object that she can see and the others guess what it is. This game is played in many Spanish-speaking countries, and there are several versions of the rhyme to begin the game.

In the most common Spanish version, the player looks for an object that starts with a specific letter.  This is the version of the game that inspired the Veo veo song lyrics above.

Another version of the Veo veo juego involves looking for something of a certain color, and it is great for children who have not started to learn to read.

Playing Veo veo With Spanish Learners

Beginning Spanish learners have a limited vocabulary, so you may want to play this game with a picture, a set of objects, or in a space where you are sure that your child can identify enough objects to make the game fun.

Before you play, review the words your child knows by pointing to different objects and saying the words in Spanish at the same time. This will make it easier for your child to remember and enjoy playing.

Also, beginners have an easier time being the player that selects the object.  A more advanced student, instructor or parent can guess by naming objects. The person guessing should point at the same time, and say the words clearly.

This is a great way to provide comprehensible Spanish, and the beginner language learner can participate fully by just saying or no. Children are learning whenever they are hearing Spanish in a context where they understands.

Veo Veo ¿Qué Ves? – Letters

Use this rhyme to begin a game where the players look for something that begins with a certain letter. It is a good idea to review the letter sounds before playing by saying the alphabet together or singing an alphabet song.

The rhyme is a conversation between whoever has selected the object (1) and the others that are guessing, who respond as a group (2):

1 – Veo, veo.
2- ¿Qué ves?
1 – Una cosita.
2 -¿Qué cosita es?
1 -Empieza por la [letra]

Veo Veo ¿Qué Ves? – Colors

Use this second version of the rhyme to begin a game where players are looking for an object of a specific color. It is a good idea to point to different colors and say the word in Spanish before you start.

1- Veo, veo
2 -¿Qué ves?
1 – Una cosa
2 – ¿Qué cosa?
1- Maravillosa…
2- ¿De qué color?
1 – Verde

Veo Veo Libros

There are many books based on the game Veo veo. One of my favorites is Veo veo by the publisher Kalandraka. It is a lovely board book, as you can see it in the video below.

You can order Veo veo by Kalandraka on Amazon.

Another Veo veo book I love is Veo veo: descubriendo el arte de Socorro Salinas published by Ekaré. This Veo veo game invloves searching for specific objects in the detailed art of the Venezuelan artist.

You can preview this beautiful Veo Veo book on issuu.

You can purchase Veo veo: descubriendo el arte de Socorro Salinas on Amazon.

This lovely Veo Veo book features the art of Socorro Salinas.

Veo Veo Game Printables

The Veo veo song is an exellent language activity for Spansih learners.

I make printable Veo veo games to play with my students. They are fun way to practice vocabulary and I sometimes include numbers so they can practice counting. We play first where we are simply guessing the object we are describing. Kids do the counting activity as a follow-up.

Here are a few of my Veo Veo juego printables.

Veo veo Game with School Supplies

Spring vocabulary Veo veo

Brown Bear Veo veo Game

New Years Veo Veo

Of course, you can use the many I Spy materials in English to play in Spanish. There are excellent cards, books and games, and lots of printables online.

Do you sing the Veo veo song in your class? Is the Veo veo juego part of your family or classroom fun? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments below!

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