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Update April 2019 – Storybird is making changes. It looks as if they are going to paid accounts. The links below work for the moment, although you may need to sign up for a free trial.

The last ebook I made, La primavera llegó, was a big hit with my students, so I thought I would share these two stories in Spanish, too. Like the last book, these were made using the beautiful art on Storybird.

In this post about Storybird in 2011, I talked about some ways to use the website with Spanish language learners. You can share the stories you write by emailing them. However, stories in Spanish will not be a part of the public library on the Storybird website. The public stories are moderated and there are only enough moderators for English. You will have to share the url with people you want to read your stories.

The first, Un día de lluvia, is about things friends do together on rainy days. The structure uses the verbs in the infinitive: Un día de lluvia es para estar con amigos y hablar y caminar. The vocabulary is familiar and the text corresponds closely to the illustrations.

The second story is titled Mi casa está muy sola. The structures and vocabulary are a little more advanced than the language in the first story, but there is lots of repetition and the illustrations support the text.

Links to Spanish Stories for Kids

You can read the stories on the Storybird site using these links:
Un día de lluvia
Mi casa está muy sola




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