Picture books in Spanish will often have vocabulary that your child does not know.  Even simple books, about familiar topics, will have words and verb forms that are new.  That is great!   That is how children learn languages.  The illustrations, context of the story, and words she does know will clarify the meaning of new vocabulary.

If your child is learning the words for animals in Spanish, these simple picture books are sure to be a hit and to introduce her to a few new animal words.  If you can’t model correct pronunciation, ask a Spanish-speaker to record the books for you.  You can also check the pronunciation of  individual words on-line at SpanDict.

Un gorilla: un libro para aprender a contar by Atsuko Morozumi is a beautiful book.  This counting book begins Aquí hay una lista de las cosas que me gustan. Un gorila. (Here is a list of things I like.  One gorilla.) On each page a new animal is introduced, the number increasing – Dos mariposas entre las flores y un gorila. (Two butterflies in the flowers and one gorilla). Children will love finding and counting the animals in the wonderfully inviting pictures. It is a  perfect way to learn animals and numbers in Spanish.

Tra-la-la by Marcia Vaughan describes the farm of Tío Marcos.  In simple sentences, with fun illustrations, the story tells what you will see in the corral, in the chicken coop, in the field and in the barn.  En el corral hay un cerdo, un gato anaranjado y un perro amarillo. ( In the corral there is a pig, an orange cat and a yellow dog.)  This book is an excellent way to reinforce familiar vocabulary in basic, clear sentences.

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