Readings about trees in Spanish with activities for kids to practice vocabulary.

Learning about trees is an important part of learning about the environment and caring for the planet. With these stories and printable activities kids can read about trees in Spanish.

Below you will find reading resources to learn about trees in Spanish. The readings are at a variety of levels, so there is something for everyone. I’ve also included videos you might want to use with Spanish learners. For more activities related to trees, see these leaf activities in Spanish and find an Are-Have-Can graphic organizer about plants here.

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Also see our Free Printable Spanish Books for Kids for more printable books, mini-books and stories with cutouts and activities.

Videos about Trees in Spanish

This Habla Jorge video can also be used with any age group or level. It is the perfect introduction or wrap up to talking about trees. Find the transcript and the other Habla Jorge videos on Kids Learn Spanish – Habla Videos page of Spanish Playground.

This Habla Pamela video about leaves is also a great addition to a tree theme. She describes different leaves and talks about how they fall from the trees in autumn.

Reading about Trees in Spanish

El árbol generoso

El árbol generoso is the Spanish translation of Shel Silverstein’s The Giving Tree. There is a read aloud of El árbol generoso on YouTube with clear audio. The story has accessible vocabulary supported by the illustrations.  You can also order El árbol generoso on Amazon.

After kids listen to or read El árbol generoso, they can do this activity. Kids label the parts of the tree, color it, and talk about what the tree gave to the boy and the man.

Download the activity for El árbol generoso.

El viejo arbol

El viejo árbol is a well know story and there are different versions online: El viejo árbol.  There is also a video version of El viejo árbol on YouTube.

¿Qué hay en un árbol?

Kids learn about trees in Spanish with this ebook.

This online book has patterned sentences and vocabulary commonly associated with trees. Those features make it great for beginning readers. You can download the book with a free account on issuu or read it online.

Tree Shape Poem Activity

Douglas Wright is a poet from Argentina. His short poem No los veo is about trees in the spring:

No los veo, no los veo,
pero sé que están ahí;
entre las ramas brotadas
escucho sus PÍ PÍ PÍ.

Read the poem together here and talk about the illustration. Then kids can use the printable activity below to make a shape poem of No los veo with the words on leaves in a tree. You can print the leaves on green paper or kids can color them light green. Children can also add a nest or birds hidden behind the leaves. As always, thanks to Douglas Wright for permission to share his work.

A printable activitiy about a poem about trees in Spanish.

Download the printable activity for the poem No los veo.

Printable Draw-the-Details Tree Mini-Book

Use this printable reading activity as a review of basic vocabulary related to the seasons and trees in Spanish. On each page, kids read a short description and add the things mentioned to the picture. Each page also asks ¿Qué más hay? so they can make the picture their own by adding additional details. When kids re-read the book, they talk about what they put in the illustrations.

If you have a beginning Spanish learner or a child who is not reading independently yet, make the book together. Re-reading it, kids will learn lots of Spanish!

Download El árbol y las estaciones mini-book.

More Books About Trees in Spanish

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Look for these books about trees in Spanish in your library. They are also available to buy on Amazon.

A story about uncoditional love and trees in Spanish.

El árbol generoso – The Spanish translation of Shel Silverstein’s classic The Giving Tree.

A story about trees in Spanish.

Call me Tree / Llámame árbol by Maya Christina Gonzalez – I love this book! It is a story to wake up to and it invites children to stretch and start the day.

A story about a tree house in Spanish.

El árbol de Amanda by Marianne Arellano Pazos – A book for early readers from Libros Arellano. This story also makes an excellent read aloud.

The Spanish translation of A Tree is Nice.

Un árbol es hermoso  by Janice May Udry – The Spanish edition of A Tree Is Nice.

A story about friendship, teamwork and a cherry tree in Spanish.

El cerezo by Delia BerlinEl cerezo tells the story of Conejo and his friends as they enjoy the cherry harvest. While the other animals take credit for the cherries, Marmota gives Conejo more perspective on the situation. The story works well to talk about friendship, team work, different perspectives and trees.

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