water cycle in Spanish

World Water Day, coordinated by the United Nations, is March 22, 2013. Earth Day is April 22. If you are talking about water with kids on these special days, or any day, you might want to use this wonderful graphic. The U. S. Geological Survey and the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations have teamed up to create a diagram of the water cycle in Spanish for children in elementary and middle school. You will find a link to the diagram at the end of this post.

The diagram is bright and full of smiling drops of water doing all kinds of activities. Key vocabulary for the water cycle in Spanish is clearly labeled in the graphic. In the right and left borders, these words are used in complete sentences in a step-by-step explanation of the water cycle.

The picture can be used with Spanish language learners of any age. In addition to the water cycle, there is lots to talk about using common verbs. The water drops are very cute, and they are busy skiing, fishing, sliding, swimming and sleeping.

With young Spanish language learners you can use the picture to talk about the natural world without going into great detail about the water cycle. Looking at the diagram, you can use words like sol, cielo, nube, agua, lluvia, nieve, árbol, montaña, volcán, isla, and playa. Just talking about the picture they will understand that there is a water cycle and that water is precious. They will also have the chance to hear and use lots of Spanish.

The diagram is a free download and can be printed in several sizes, including tabloid (17×11) and poster (33×24). For World Water Day, Earth Day and every day, it is the perfect tool to help us talk about water and conserving the planet in Spanish.

Link to Diagram of the Water Cycle in Spanish

El ciclo de agua – The water cycle from the U.S. Geological Survey and the United Nations

Many thanks to Howard Perlman of the U.S. Geological Survey for letting me know about this great resource!

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