Resources for learning about the planets in Spanish

Learning about the planets in Spanish, kids draw on information they already know. They learn the basic facts of the solar system in the early grades. When children learn this information again in Spanish, they understand and absorb key vocabulary.  There are many Spanish language materials about the planets to use with school age children. Like English materials, the older activities include Pluto as one of the planets and the newer ones do not.

Learning about the Planets in Spanish

Websites About the Planets in Spanish

This site introduces children to the planets in Spanish. The scroll box has basic information in simple sentences.

This site Pregúntale a un astrónomo – para niños (Ask an Astronomer -for kids) is set up as a series of questions. The information is presented in a format that raises kids’ curiosity and encourages them to think about the solar system.

This blog in Spanish is dedicated to teaching children about the universe.

Printable Activities about the Planets in Spanish

This has information about each planet.  Each page gives facts about a planet including its size, number of moons, temperature and a few lines of information.

This astronomy workbook has activities on the planets in Spanish.

The section Actividades para la aula, from the site Te astronomía, has a script for a play, printable coloring pages, and printable instructions and templates for other activities. Several of these are printable versions of the online games.  Te astronomía is part of a larger website Mirando las estrellas that has activities about the planets in Spanish at three different levels.

Spanish Games about the Planets

Te astronomía, has a variety of online games about the planets in Spanish. In the main menu choose Actividades online.

In this game you identify the planets.  When you click on the planet the game names, you get a line or two of information in Spanish.

Song about the Planets in Spanish

This song teaches the names of the planets in Spanish. The words appear on the screen, so it is easy to sing along.

Spanish Videos about the Planets

Listening for key vocabulary is a very important language learning skill. These videos are at normal speed for native speakers, so Spanish language learners will not catch every word. They will be able to hear important words though, especially if they watch the video more than once. Be sure to watch the video all the way through once before listening for a specific word.

This video from Discovery Kids is called Doki descubre porque se hace de noche (Doki discovers why night falls).

Try listening for these key words:

la noche – night

el sol – the sun

la Tierra – the Earth

iluminada – illuminated, lit up

oscuro – dark

el lado – side

girar – spin

el día – day

This video is called Doki descubre los planetas (Doki discovers the planets). It mentions the planets in Spanish and some of their distinctive features. Listen for the names of the planets in Spanish and these phrases:

más ceracano al sol – closet to the sun

el planeta más grande – the biggest planet

un planeta rojo – a red planet

tener un anillo – to have a ring

Spanish Picture Books about the Planets

These picture books in Spanish introduce children to the solar system.

los planetas para niños

el sistema solar libro infantil

el sistema solar en libro y CD interactivo

This book comes with a multimedia CD-ROM with activities.  It is appropriate for intermediate Spanish language learners.

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