Thanksgiving coloring pages in Spanish to teach children vocabulary.

This coloring page is a part of a set of Thanksgiving coloring pages with vocabulary. It is a good way to practice Spanish transportation words. The sentence at the top says Doy gracias por los medios de transporte (I’m thankful for transportation). It is a excellent prompt for talking about different forms of transportation because in addition to naming them, you can talk about when we use them and how they make our lives easier.

Thanksgiving Coloring Pages

Download the tranportation coloring sheet.
You can find the other Thanksgiving coloring pages here.

You may want to use the coloring page in combination with these other resources for talking about transportation. The video Los medios de transporte was filmed in Mexico and uses much of the same vocabulary. There are also printable picture cards for the vocabulary in the video and ideas for using them.

The Thanksgiving coloring pages are a good way to review or introduce vocabulary and can also serve as a speaking prompt. At our house, we each say something that we are thankful for at Thanksgiving dinner. Kids can color them just for fun, as decorations, or as place mats. When you ask ¿Por qué estás agradecido? or ¿Por qué estás agradecida? (What are you grateful for?), kids will know how to answer in Spanish. To make the Thanksgiving coloring pages a little bigger to use as place mats, you can center them on construction paper.

Of course, these designs are not just for Thanksgiving. They are a good reminder at any time of the year that we have much to be grateful for and that all of it can be expressed in Spanish.

This is the vocabulary on the transportation coloring sheet. There are no English translations on the printables because the Spanish is supported by the pictures.

Doy gracias por los medios de transporte.
las bicicletas – bikes
los carros – car
los camiones – trucks
los trenes – trains
los aviones – airplanes
los barcos – boats
los autobuses – buses
las motocicletas – motorcycles
las ambulancias – ambulances
los camiones de bomberos – fire trucks
los taxis – taxis
los helicópteros – helicopters

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