Use these listening comprehension activities for a video on saying thank you in Spanish.

Our short video conversations are a fun way to expose kids to natural language. One of our favorite videos is about receiving a gift of flowers. Try the Un regalo: Thank You in Spanish listening comprehension activities below.

Be sure to check out our Spanish Videos for Kids resource page for other fun videos.

Thank You in Spanish Pre-Listening

Before watching the video, it’s a good idea to have kids predict what will happen. Tell them the video is about getting a present, un regalo, and ask questions to help them think about the possibilities.
For example, ¿Qué crees que sea el regalo? and ¿Y por qué crees que el chico le da un regalo a la chica?

Thank You in Spanish Video

We watch these videos all the way through once before doing activities. The videos are short and comprehensible. In addition, seeing the entire video provides important context that contributes to understanding the second time. You can watch the video below or on the Spanish Playground YouTube channel.

Listening Comprehension Activities

Get the printable listening activities for the Thank You in Spanish – Un regalo video.

Circle the Word

Listening comprehension activities for a thank you in Spanish video.

The listening comprehension includes a circle-the-word activity supported by pictures. Read the words together before watching the video a second time. Pre-readers can do this activity because it is supported by pictures.

¿Quién lo dice?

Use this table to indicate which character said the line in the video.

In this activity, learners mark who said each phrase. Kids may be able to complete the table without watching the video again. If you’re working with pre-readers, read the phrases to them. You can watch again to check answers or fill in any they weren’t sure of.

¿Qué pasó?

This section has general listening comprehension questions about the video. For the Thank You in Spanish video the questions are:

¿Qué le regala el chico a la chica?

¿De qué colores son las flores?

¿Por qué le da un regalo el chico a la chica?

¿Y tú? Personal Questions for Thank You in Spanish Video

Personal questions make the video content relevant to learners and let kids talk about themselves in Spanish.

The questions we included on the printable activities for the Thank you in Spanish video are ¿Cuál es tu color favorito? and ¿Qué te gustaría regalarle a un amigo o a una amiga?

However, you can personalize the questions even more. For example, ask about gifts for specific friends, ask about favorite flowers in the yard, or ask how kids how they feel when they get a present.

We hope these listening comprehension activities help your learners engage with Spanish in an easy and fun way. Let us know how they work for you!

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