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It is going to be a little quieter on Spanish Playground for the next few weeks.  As quite a few of you know, I am having double jaw surgery tomorrow.  I don’t expect it to be much fun, but I am thrilled that my 25-year-old daughter is coming home from Lima, Peru to take care of me for three weeks!

It occurs to me that teaching Spanish to children and recovering from jaw surgery are not all that different. Who would have guessed?

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you teach Spanish to children or recover from double jaw surgery:

  • Don’t sweat the details.  Progress takes time and consistency, but no one day matters that much.
  • Good materials are essential. Fill your world with stories, music, film, and poetry.
  • You need support. Build a community and share your experiences with your friends.
  • You will be frustrated at times and so will your family.  These times will pass.
  • If you are too frustrated, change something. Get help or take a break.
  • Learning (healing) is a natural process. Time is on your side.
  • Learning (healing) takes time. It is a natural process that you can not rush.
  • Keep the long-term goal and rewards in mind. Your reasons for doing this are sound, even if it seems overwhelming in the short-term.
  • It’s all about attitude. Stay upbeat and smile!
  • Make travel plans! Nothing speeds the learning (healing) process like a few weeks in Mexico, Peru, Spain or (insert destination of choice).

Thanks so much to my friends and readers for their support and best wishes. I will be back with materials and suggestions as soon as possible.

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