Many games and activities are effective tools for teaching the question words in Spanish.  One of the first question words that children learn is dónde (Where).  The question “where” is basic to peek-a-boo with babies, hide and seek, memory, searching for hidden objects in pictures, and countless other games we play with children.

Asking questions with dónde, the verb for “to be” is usually estar: ¿Dónde estás? (Where are you?) ¿Dónde están los libros? (Where are the books?)

Using vocabulary that your child knows, you can ask many “where” questions that your child will understand.  Try asking dónde in these situations:

  • Look for any object that isn’t predictably in one place in your house. ¿Dónde está el teléfono? (Where is the telephone?), ¿Dónde están tus zapatos? (Where are your shoes?) ¿Dónde está tu mochila? (Where is your backpack?)
  • Read together and ask dónde questions about the illustrations:  ¿Dónde está la luna? (Where is the moon?)  ¿Dónde están los pájaros? (Where are the birds?)
  • Play memory:

Choose several pairs of cards of vocabulary that your child knows or is learning.  For example, you can print pairs of pictures of household objects.  Put the cards face down and try to find the matching pairs.  Use phrases like these:

Es la silla. ¿Dónde está la otra silla? (It’s the chair. Where is the other chair?)

¿Aquí? No, no es la silla.  Es el jabón. (Here? No, that’s not the chair.  It’s the soap.)

¿Aquí? ¡Sí, es la silla! (Here? Yes, it’s the chair!)

Te toca a ti. – It’s your turn.

Me toca a mí. – It’s my turn.

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