Weather (el tiempo in Spanish) dictates the clothes children wear, the things they do, and the places they play. Talking about the weather is natural, and a good opportunity to use Spanish with your child.  Use these common Spanish expressions to talk about the weather with your child.

Hace frío. – It’s cold.

Hace calor. – It’s hot.

Está soleado. – It’s sunny.

Esta nublado. – It’s cloudy.

Hace viento. – It’s windy.

Está lloviendo. – It’s raining.

Va a llover. – It’s going to rain.

Hace un día bonito. – It’s a nice day/ It’s a beautiful day.

el tiempo – weather

la lluvia – rain

las nubes – clouds

el sol – sun

la nieve – snow

el viento – wind

In addition to using these Spanish expressions when you are outside with your child, try these activities.

Check the weather for the day by clicking here for The Weather Channel website in Spanish. Enter your zip code or city where is says localidad. This is a great way to reinforce vocabulary like hoy, mañana, viento, soleado, nublado. The pictures help make the meaning of the Spanish weather vocabulary clear.

Getting dressed, talk about what the weather is like in relation to the clothes that you or your child will wear. You can use sentences like these:

Hace calor. Ponte un short y una camiseta. – It’s hot.  Put on shorts and a t-shirt.

Hace fresco. Me voy a poner una sudadera. – It’s cool.  I’m going to put on a sweatshirt.

As you are read books, comment on the weather.  Point to the pictures and talk about them using sentences like Está lloviendo, or Hace calor. Allí está el sol. Also, talk about the weather in movies or television programs.

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