Words for basic furniture and the rooms of the house are important for talking about daily activities in Spanish.  These are some of the first words to talk about the house that children learn in Spanish:

la casa – house

la mesa – table

la silla – chair

el sofá – couch/sofa

la cama – bed

You can use these Spanish words as you play with a doll house, or draw. They are also fun to practice with movement. Try these activities:

– Ask ¿Dónde está la silla? and run with your child to the chair. Do the same with the other pieces of furniture. Then stay in a central location and ask your child where each piece of furniture is.  As she reaches each one, say ¡Muy bien! and ask again. If you are playing with several children, send them to different places and then have them change places.

– Race to different pieces of furniture (if running is too wild, make it a crawling race). Simply choose your finish point and say ¡Al sofa! (to the couch) or !A la silla!

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