Teach your child the words for the rooms of the house in Spanish.  You can use them in lots of daily interactions and simple games.  A few suggestions follow these common Spanish words:

la cocina – the kitchen

la sala – the living room

el baño – the bathroom

el dormitorio/ el cuarto – the bedroom  Different words are used for bedroom in different countries.  In Mexico, cuarto and recámara are used most commonly. In much of the rest the world, cuarto or dormitorio is most common.  Choose one word to use with your child.  With more exposure to Spanish, her vocabulary will grow naturally.

There are lots of simple ways to add these Spanish words for rooms to your time with your child.  Try these:

¡Vamos a la cocina! Let’s go to the kichen. ¡Vamos a la sala! Let’s go to the living room.  With this simple phrase you can repeat the words during the day.

– Use pairs of picture cards (the ones you use for playing Memory) and put one of each pair in a different room. Give your child the other card and tell her where to find the matching card saying, for example El perro está en la cocina, or La vaca está en el baño. When she brings back the pair, give her another.

– Draw a picture of your house and family together. Talk about where the people and the furniture are as you draw.  La cama está en el cuartoTu hermano está en la sala.

Have fun as you add Spanish to your house!

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