Talking about pictures is a good way to speak Spanish with your child.  The images give the Spanish words context, and make the meaning clear. Simple sentences teach Spanish sentence structure and verb forms to children.

Below are five photographs of trees and flowers. Talk about the photographs with your child in Spanish. You can use sentences like Veo un árbol verde or Hay dos flores. Talk about colors, and count objects in the photographs.

A matching activity follows the pictures.  Match each sentence in Spanish to the photo that it describes.






Match these sentences to the pictures above.  You’ll find translations of the sentences in comments.

Hay un río, pasto verde y unos árboles.

Hay agua y unos árboles rojos y amarillos.

Hay un pájaro rojo en un árbol.

En esta foto, una mariposa está en una flor amarilla.

En la foto, hay unas flores blancas.

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