Family is the center of a child’s world, so these are Spanish words she will need.  They are essential for talking about the day and will also be used  in stories, songs and games. In fact, she may already know some of these Spanish family words.

la mamá – mother

el papá – father

la hermana – sister

el hermano – brother

la abuela – grandmother

el abuelo – grandfather

Use the words with your child in these simple ways:

– Look at family pictures together.   As you point to the pictures, say ¡Eres tú! (That’s you.)  Soy yo. (That’s me.)   Es tu hermano/hermana/abuelo/abuela. (That is your brother sister/grandfather/grandmother.)

– Have your child take things to family members, or pass things at the table.   For example, say Es para tu papá, (It’s for your dad) or Es para tu hermano (It’s for your brother).

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