Children learn Spanish grammar and vocabulary by hearing Spanish sentences. Listening to the phrases that follow the photograph, your child will hear words for clothes and colors used in a natural way.

Look at the picture with your child. Read the sentences that follow and look for the person that is described in each sentence.  You can click on the audio link to hear the sentences.  Don’t worry about understanding every word in the sentence. You can often understand the main idea without understanding each word.  To learn Spanish, children need to develop the ability and confidence to listen (or read) for the main idea.  Help your child guess at a meaning that makes sense in the context.  As she hears words repeated, she will understand them and how they are used.

Can you find these people in the picture?    Click here for audio.

1. Una mujer que usa pantalones grises y chamarra (chaqueta) negra.

2. Un hombre que lleva camiseta anaranjada y pantalones de mezcilla.

3. Una mujer que lleva pantalones negros y zapatos negros.

4. Un niño que usa chamarra (chaqueta) blanca.

5. Una mujer que usa chamarra (chaqueta) negra y tiene una bicicleta.

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