Children learn Spanish grammar and vocabulary by hearing correct grammatical structures. Reading the questions that follow the photograph, you can help your child learn Spanish question words and verbs.

Look at the picture with your child and read the questions that follow. Answer the questions together. You can often understand the main idea without understanding each word. To learn Spanish, children need to develop the ability and confidence to listen (or read) for the main idea.  Help your child guess at a meaning that makes sense in the context.  As she hears Spanish words repeated, she will understand them and how they are used.

Remember, children learn to speak Spanish by listening first.  It is not necessary that she say full sentences. Your child can answer the questions with one or two words. She is learning Spanish by hearing the vocabulary.  She will also learn Spanish grammar this way. In time, she will have a grasp of the language and she will learn to speak Spanish.

¿Te gusta la fruta? Hay muchas frutas en esta foto. ¡Las frutas son muy bonitas!

1. ¿Cuántos plátanos hay?  ¿Hay tres o hay cuatro?

2. ¿Los plátanos son rojos o amarillos?

3. ¿Puedes encontrar una naranja?

4. ¿Puedes encontrar dos manzanas verdes?

5. En la foto, hay unas uvas rojas. ¿Qué otra fruta de la foto es roja?

6. ¿Te gustan las uvas?

7. ¿Te gustan más las manzanas o los plátanos?

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