Teaching a second language, as a parent or in a classroom setting, is hard work. Providing comprehensible input – language supported by a context to make it meaningful – takes a lot of energy. However, repetition can make your life easier. Children need repeated exposure to language to learn. At busy times, you don’t have to be creative. Fall back on language activities like these:

– Re-read favorite Spanish or bilingual books.

– Play memory with picture cards. You can do this with a regular deck of cards to practice Spanish numbers.

– Do puzzles that have pictures your child knows in Spanish and use the words as you do them.

– Count cars in Spanish. Say the colors.

– Watch a video in Spanish. There are lots of short, appropriate videos on YouTube.

– Listen to familiar Spanish songs in the car or sing together.

– Play an online game for children learning Spanish. Choose one that reinforces words your child knows.

Consistency and repetition are essential to language learning. So, keep a list of simple activities that your child enjoyed. Rotate through the list on the days you need your energy for other things, and remind yourself that you are doing the right thing in terms of language learning.

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