A printable Spanish I Spy reading game wiith board and game cards.

I Spy in Spanish is Veo veo, and it is a quick, easy way to have some fun with language. This summer version incorporates reading, too. Play this Spanish I Spy reading game with your kids or students using one of the suggestions below. In Spanish,  Veo, veo is a song as well as a game. You can hear several versions…

Teacher and parents can use these Spanish book lists for kids to find new books.

This is a list of Spanish book lists for kids. A list of lists? That’s right! Evaluating books online is tricky, and books are expensive. So, I turn to teachers and parents I trust to give me a starting place when I need new titles. Scroll down for some of the best Spanish book lists for kids!

Spanish movement cards with animals and verbs are a fun way to add physical activity to language learning.

Fun for Spanish Teachers is one of my go-to resources. I have been teaching with Carolina’s fabulous materials for years! Today she writes about using movement in class and shares a set of Spanish movement cards for preschoolers.

Tips for how to use video to teach Spanish at different levels.

In this post, one of my favorite educators shares how to use videos to teach Spanish. Spanish Playground is pleased to welcome Spanish Mama. Videos are one of my favorite tools for teaching Spanish. They get a bad rap sometimes: feeling lazy and don’t feel like teaching? Turn on a movie!

Common words make a fun summer activity in thiis Spanish photo challenge for kids.

I’m always looking for new ways to make Spanish fun and relevant for kids. I think this Spanish photo challenge is an excellent activity for language learners! It’s creative, personal, and kids of all levels learn as we talk about the pictures. The Spanish Photo Challenge This Spanish photo challenge has 28 themes, all of them high-frequency vocabulary familiar to…

Learn about part of the United States with these Puerto Rico facts for kids in Spanish and English.

Puerto Rico is 100 miles long and 35 miles wide, making its area about 3,500 square miles, the third largest island in the United States. Did you know that unlike the rest of the United States, Puerto Rico has two official languages? English and Spanish! Or that it has an island inhabited by monkeys? Keep reading for more interesting Puerto…