Try Spanish reading, art activities, games and songs in a summer activity calendar 2018.

Summer activity calendars are fun because there is something new to discover each day. They also divide Spanish learning into manageable bits that fit busy schedules. Our Spanish activity calendars have reading, art, games, songs and videos for young language learners. Below you’ll find the Spanish Summer Activity Calendar 2018.

Tips and resources for homeschooling Spanish for multiple children.

Are you homeschooling Spanish for multiple children? It can be a real challenge to meet the needs of all of your children at their different stages of learning. The trick is to find the balance between group activities and individual attention. In addition, you can create an immersive environment where children can be learning passively while you do other activities…

Use these strategies for a successful experience learning Spanish at home.

I love Spanish. And I decided a while back that I want to pass that love of Spanish on to my children as well by teaching them Spanish at home. Even with all the love I have for Spanish, I must say, passing down a second language to my own children PERPLEXES me sometimes!!

Students engage with language and culture with these Latin American crafts for Spanish class.

Doing crafts in Spanish class is a fun way to mix language and culture. Kids get lots of input (colors, shapes, simple commands) while learning about folk art, handicrafts, and art from Latin America. Teachers can talk about the Latin American crafts, showing an example. Then, they can give simple instructions, while showing students the steps.

If a child learns Spanish at a young age there are social and academic benefits.

Yesterday morning, a parent raised a concern I hear over and over.  He was worried learning Spanish might confuse his three-year-old. I reassured him it would not, and we talked about the benefits of language learning. Children are not confused by learning a new language, but it is true there are things that might happen if a child learns Spanish.

Use these printable Mother's Day cards in Spanish with language learners and native speakers.

We are so happy to be able to share these free printable Mother’s Day cards in Spanish. They are beautiful! The cards are also a wonderful way for children to share a Mother’s Day message in Spanish.