Part of summer is protecting kids from the sun. We remind them to put on sun screen, to sit in the shade, and to wear a hat.  Use these phrases in Spanish as you protect your child from too much sun.

Talking about using sunscreen:

Ponte bloqueador. – Put on sunscreen.

Vamos a ponerte bloquedor.- Let’s put sunscreen on you.

You can review body parts with these phrases too.

Vamos a ponerte bloqueador en los brazos. – Let’s put sunscreen on your arms.

Ponte bloqueador en las orejas.- Put sunscreen on your ears.

Talking about covering up:

Ponte la gorra. -Put on your hat.

Ponte la camiseta (la playera). – Put on your t-shirt.

Put on your sunglasses. – Ponte los lentes de sol.

Other useful phrases:

Let’s sit in the shade. – Vamos a sentarnos en la sombra.

I don’t want you to get sunburned. – No quiero que te quemes.

You don’t want to get sunburned.  – No quieres quemarte.

Enjoy summer safely – protect your children and yourself from the sun!

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