This simple vocabulary activity is designed for native speakers who are beginning to read, but can also be used with Spanish language learners if you do it together and read the text aloud.

Match the Spanish word to the picture. As you do the activity with your child, use the words in a sentence to give them context. For example:

For the word nido – Hay pajaritos en el nido.

For the word abeja – La abeja está en las flores.

If you print two copies, you can cut out the pictures and make pairs to play memory.  For phrases to help you play memory in Spanish click here.

Click here for the  vocabulary activity.

These are the Spanish words that are used:

la abeja – bee

la cometa – kite

el frutal – fruit tree

la lluvia – rain

la mariposa – butterfly

el nido – nest

el tulipán – tulip

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