Summer Reading Program Resources: Challenges and Logs

Spanish summer reading program resources including challenges, logs and certificates.

Here you will find printable materials logs, challenges, activity calendars and certificates for summer Spanish. New summer reading program resources are added throughout the summer months. If you haven’t registered, sign up now. It’s free, and you will be entered to win great Spanish prizes in grab bag giveaways all summer long and our end-of-summer giveaway.

Are you wondering what to read? Visit these two pages to explore a wide variety of Spanish reading for kids.

Questions? Check out the Summer Spanish Read and Play FAQ page or contact us. We’re happy to help!

July Activity Calendar

These Spanish activity calendars have interactive links. First, download the PDF of the calendar. Then you can click through to games, songs, videos and printable activities.

Spanish Activity Calendar July 2017

This activity calendar has games, songs, videos and reading activities for summer Spanish.

June Activity Calendars

June Spanish Activity Calendar Level 1

An activity calendar for June with songs, videos, games and activities for Spanish learners.

June Spanish Activity Calendar Level 2

Kids find games, songs, videos and printable activities on Spanish activity calendars.

Play in Spanish Challenges

We hope that kids will read and speak Spanish this summer. The bingo card challenges below have quick Spanish speaking activities that do not require any special materials. Kids color the square when they have done an activity. There are two levels and an English translation of each level for the convenience of parents and care providers. Read more about these speaking activities: Play Challenge 1 and Play Challenge 2

Play Challenge 1

Juego en español 1 – Level 1
Juego en español 1 – Level 1 English

Juego en español 1 – Level 2
Juego en español 1 – Level 2 English

A bingo card style challenge to encourage children to play in Spanish.

Play Challenge 2

Play in Spanish Speaking Challenge 2 – Level 1
Play in Spanish Speaking Challenge 2 – Level 2

Speaking Challenge English 2 – Level 1
Speaking Challenge English 2 – Level 2

Kids get Spanish speaking practice with a series of short, theme-based activities.

Spanish Gratitude Journals

The Spanish gratitude journals ask children to think about the book they have read and identify something they like in the story or illustrations that they also have in their own lives. In addition to encouraging children to reflect on positive things in their lives, this Spanish gratitude journal reinforces relevant vocabulary.

Find more information and the complete downloads.

A Spanish gratitude journal based on books kids read to help them recognize things they appreciate in their lives.

Summer Reading Challenges

Spanish Reading Challenge Bingo Card 2017

Kids cross off squares in this Spanish reading challenge each time they finish a book.

Bingo Card Challenge 2016

Summer reading program resources include this bingo card reading challenge for Spanish summer reading.

15 Things to Read in Spanish Besides Books

A printable challenge and resources for finding comics, recipes, signs, photo captions and more.

This reading challenge encourages kids to read different types of text.

Summer Reading Book Logs

When you read a book in Spanish, color part of the log. When all the picture is all colored, print a new log and keep reading!

Books on a Blanket Log

A Spanish reading log for children to color as they finish books during the summer.

Flower Circle Book Log

A log for kids to color each time they finish a book in Spanish.

Armadillo Book Log 

A log to record books read during the summer reading program.

Write-in-Titles Progress Sheet

With this log, kids can write in titles and keep track of favorite books.

Spanish Summer reading log for kids

Printable Spanish Bookmarks– These bookmarks celebrate reading and encourage kids to read more. They are black and white so kids can add their own color, decorations and style.

These printable Spanish bookmarks encourage kids to read in their second language.

Certificates of Achievement

A certificate to recognize the effort kids put into reading in Spanish.

You can download the certificate in color or black and white.

Spanish Reading Certificate of Achievement – BW

   Recognize the effort kids put into reading with this summer reading certificate.

Spanish Reading Certificate – Color

Use the certificate to recognize Spanish reading.