Summer Reading Program Registration

Summer reading program and Spanish activities for kids.

For years, Spanish Summer Read and Play has provided kid with Spanish activities during the summer.  Last summer, over 5,000 children registered for the program and started school with stronger skills because they read and played in Spanish during the summer months.

It’s been a long year, and during summer 2021 we hope to reengage with our families, friends and communities. Of course, kids can still have fun as they learn. We are not running a formal summer program this year, but use these resources from our earlier programs to engage kids with Spanish this summer

Spanish Summer Reading Program Resources

Use these three links to discover books and activities to keep kids reading and playing in Spanish.

Research shows that reading helps prevent summer learning loss. This is especially true for language learners! Children need to read in both their dominant and second languages. By reading, kids can maintain and even improve their language skills during the summer months. We encourage you to also participate in the summer reading program at your local library.

The Spanish Summer Read and Play Program is based on the model used by public libraries. Summer is a time to explore new books, re-read old favorites and most important, enjoy reading! It is also time when children can discover new music in Spanish and have fun doing Spanish activities that build their language skills.

We suggest books and online resources, and we help motivate children to read and play in Spanish. Kids, with help from their families or teachers, choose books and activities that interest them. Children benefit from all exposure to Spanish! See our Spanish Summer Read and Play Program FAQ for more information.