Try Spanish reading, art activities, games and songs in a summer activity calendar 2018.

Summer activity calendars are fun because there is something new to discover each day. They also divide Spanish learning into manageable bits that fit busy schedules. Our Spanish activity calendars have reading, art, games, songs and videos for young language learners. Below you’ll find the Spanish Summer Activity Calendar 2018.

There are two calendars for June and July 2018 with different levels of activities, so you can mix and match ideas that are most appropriate for your family or students.

Summer Activity Calendar for Elementary Students

We created the Summer Activity Calendar 2018 with elementary Spanish students in mind. However, you can adapt many of the activities on the Level 1 calendar for preschoolers. Likewise, you can choose and adapt Level 2 activities for older students.

The interactive links go to a variety of learning materials. First, download the PDF of the calendar. Then you can click through to Spanish games, songs, videos and printable activities.

Language learners need repetition, so we set aside weekends to repeat favorite activities. Of course, you can do any activity any time. If you have fun with something, do it again!

We suggest you print the calendar, too. That way, kids can look ahead to what they will be doing, cross off activities they have done, and circle or star activities they want to do again.

Reading Activity Calendar for Spanish Learners

Reading is an important part of summer Spanish. You will find reading activities on Mondays of the Summer Activity calendar 2018. Some of the activities are printable, while others are online stories.

In addition to the reading activities on the calendar, try our Spanish summer bingo reading challenges. We’ve collected some of our favorite titles on our Spanish book lists for kids.

Materials for Summer Activity Calendar 2018

The activities on the calendar do not require special materials. You do need to be able to print, and you may want to print game cards on card stock. You can also glue or tape them to index cards.

Sign Up for Summer Spanish

These Spanish activity calendars are part of our Summer Spanish Read and Play Program. Be sure to sign up for summer Spanish to get updates with the July Summer Activity Calendar 2018, challenges, reading logs and other resources to keep kids learning Spanish over the summer. You will also be entered in a series of grab bag giveaways during the summer.

Find more summer Spanish resources on our Summer Spanish Pinterest board.

Summer Activity Calendar 2018 – July Level 1

Summer Activity Calendar Level 1 – July 2018

Spanish for kids on a summer activity calendar.

Summer Activity Calendar 2018 – July Level 2

Summer Activity Calendar Level 2 – July 2018

Spanish for kids on a summer activity calendar.

Summer Activity Calendar 2018 – June Level 1

Spanish Summer Activity Calendar Level 1- June 2018

The Spanish Playground summer activity calendar 2018 has music, art and reading activities for elementary students.

Summer Activity Calendar 2018 – June Level 2

Spanish Summer Activity Calendar Level 2 – June 2018

Try reading, art activities, games and songs in Spanish with the summer activity calendar 2018.

Check out more activities on last year’s summer activity calendar. With so many options, you’re sure to find games, songs, art, reading and video to keep your family or students learning all summer long.

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