Summer activities for kids in a printable list in Spanish.

Summer vacation is right around the corner, and we will all be doing lots of summer activities for kids. Many of us will also be looking for ways to keep kids in touch with Spanish.

Adding Spanish text to your home or classroom helps expose kids to language. It also reminds us to speak Spanish and gives us a starting point for conversations. This list of summer activities for kids is one way you can add a little Spanish to your home or summer school class.

This printable list of summer activities for kids also makes a great conversation prompt or reading activity for the last days of school. Kids can check off the things they want to do or are sure they will do. They can also choose 10 activities and number them in order of what they want to do most.  The list has lots of vocabulary that kids learning Spanish are familiar with.

Below are the activities and the link to download the printable. There is no English translation on the printable list.

Summer Activities for Kids – A List in Spanish

Printable List of Summer Activities for Kids

saltar a la cuerda – jump rope

volar una cometa – fly a kite

hacer burbujas – blow bubbles

pintar piedras – paint rocks

mirar las nubes – watch the clouds

hacer campamento en el jardín – camp in the backyard

escribir un cuento – write a story

hacer pizza – make pizza

trepar un árbol – climb a tree

hacer un espectáculo de títeres – put on a puppet show

hacer galletas – make cookies

lavar el carro – wash the car

andar en bicicleta – ride a bike

dibujar con tiza – draw with chalk

hacer una búsqueda de tesoro – have a treasure hunt

regar plantas – water plants

ir al parque – go to the park

jugar al escondite – play hide and seek

jugar al Frisbee – play Frisbee

hacer limonada – make lemonade

ir a la biblioteca – go to the library

hacer maracas – make maracas

jugar en los columpios – swing

ir en canoa – go canoeing

hacer helado casero – make ice cream

jugar boliche – go bowling

ordenar tu cuarto – clean your room

hacer plastilina – make play dough

comer sandía – eat watermelon

hacer una piñata – make a piñata

jugar al Monopolio – play Monopoly

ir al zoológico – go to the zoo

jugar al fútbol – play soccer

hacer un picnic – have a picnic

pintar con los dedos – finger paint

jugar al minigolf – play minigolf

darles de comer a los patos – feed the ducks

jugar con globos de agua – play with water balloons

escribirle una carta a un amigo – write a letter to a friend

nadar – swim

ver un desfile – see a parade

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