Speak Spanish with kids with these 5 activities.

It’s Friday and time to speak Spanish with kids using the Friday Five. These activities do not take much work to prepare and teach basic vocabulary that all kids learning Spanish should know. For children who speak Spanish at a higher level, they serve as a review of common words and structures. Use them to speak Spanish with your kids this weekend or any time you want a short, easy-to-prep activity for Spanish learners.

1. Learn this simple finger play: Los cinco dedos de la mano. It teaches pronunciation and vocabulary and is great for beginners. The actions reinforce the meaning and it is a simple way to speak Spanish with kids.

2. Listen to and sing Vengan ya, a song with actions. It teaches, or reviews, the verbs cantar, bailar, saltar, escribir, aplaudir, correr, leer, comer, reir, dormir. You can add different verbs  and actions too.

3. Speak Spanish with kids with this activity to learn or practice prepositions with any small figure and a clear cup or glass.

It works best if everyone has a set to play with. Put the figure in different places and describe where it is with prepositions like delante de, detrás de, arriba de, debajo de, al lado de, entre. Let your child place the figure too, and you describe where it is. If your child is familiar enough with the vocabulary, give instructions, and let her give instructions to you.

4. Watch this short video with common words and then print this flip book for kids to color and assemble. As they read the book, they practice the verb veo and common vocabulary.

5. Use these printable clothespin activities to practice numbers, math problems in Spanish, or listening for specific vowel sounds. You can use these activities to speak Spanish with kids at a wide range of levels.

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