These four Spanish yoga books feature yoga poses based on the seasons.

Spanish yoga books are a wonderful addition to a classroom or home library. Nothing is more natural for children than moving and learning. With Spanish yoga books kids do both at once, creating fun, healthy language learning.

These Spanish yoga books from Kids Yoga Stories move through the four seasons. Of course, we use the seasons as themes to teach concepts and vocabulary, but here in Wisconsin, kids experience the changing seasons in dozens of ways! This set of four Spanish yoga books has a story for each season, making them excellent books to use with Spanish learners throughout the year.

Learn more about yoga and language learning here: Spanish Yoga for Kids. If you’re looking for other active learning ideas, many of our easy Spanish speaking activities also incorporate movement.

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Four Seasons of  Spanish Yoga for Kids

Spanish Yoga Books: Summer

This set of Spanish yoga books has books about the seasons, like this one about summer.

Ema y un verano inolvidable is full of summer activities, as Ema visits her grandparents and has lots of adventures. From walks and water skiing to swimming and horseback riding, kids do yoga poses to represent summer fun as they follow Ema through her week. I love that the story also includes poses for tocar el piano, leer libros and descansar, because kids do all kinds of things during the summer!

You can buy Ema y un verano inolvidable from Kids Yoga Stories or Amazon. (aff link)

Spanish Yoga Books: Fall

A Spanish yoga book with fall vocabulary and yoga poses.

Tina y un otoño de fotografía pulls kids into the colorful world of fall. As Tina and her father take photos to make a collage for school, readers learn words such as árbol, manzanas, cometa, calabaza, ganso, conejo, hojas and many others. Kids participate in the story doing yoga poses to represent the things Tina sees and does. The story also encourages kids to make their own fall photo collage – an excellent language activity!

Purchase Tina y un otoño de fotografía from Kids Yoga Stories or Amazon. (aff link)

Spanish Yoga Books: Winter

Spanish yoga books to teach children vocabulary related to the seasons.

Juanita en una caminata invernal follows Juanita and her mom on a walk through the winter woods. Kids become woodland animals with yoga poses for pájaro, zorro, conejito, ardilla and ciervo. They also do poses for the winter wind and a frozen waterfall as Juanita explores how winter changes the forest.

Juanita en una caminata invernal is available from Kids Yoga Stories or Amazon. (aff link)

Spanish Yoga Books: Spring

This Spanish yoga book teaches spring words and colors through movement and story.

Julieta y un día en el jardín is full of color words and spring vocabulary like sol, jardín, cielo, lluvia, árbol, hojas, tierra mojada, pájaro, nido, semillas, plantar, oruga, flores, abejas, mariposa, arcoiris. This is the perfect book to read aloud with Spanish learners in the spring! Julieta y un día en el jardín is available on Amazon (aff link) and on the Kids Yoga Stories website.

Learning Language with Spanish Yoga Books

As you can see, Spanish yoga books weave poses into the story, and children practice yoga as you read together. The poses represent key words. So, doing the poses reinforces the meaning of the words and helps children remember them.

Giselle Shardlow, the author of these stories and many other Spanish yoga books, is also a talented educator. Her books and website include support for making yoga a positive, healthy experience for children. Be sure to visit Kids Yoga Stories for many resources in both Spanish and English.

To get you started, here are a few suggestions for making the most of Spanish yoga books.

  • Point to the pictures and use gestures and actions to clarify what happens in the story.
  • Adapt the story to the age (or language level) of the children. You don’t have to read every word or every sentence.
  • Connect the story to kids’ lives. This will help children remember the words and make it relevant.
  • Read the story over and over.
  • Have fun as you read!

Children are programmed to move, play and learn. Spanish yoga books tap into natural development and provide kids and adults a fun context for active language learning.

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