A Spanish workbook for early readers.

This free Spanish workbook has exercises for children learning to read. It can be a useful supplement for early readers. It can also be used by older Spanish learners for vocabulary and reading practice.

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This workbook is written by Manfran Pacheco of Chetumal, Mexico. Earlier it was available to download and print free on Issuu. They have removed that option, but you can still use the online version. There is also an earlier edition of the Spanish workbook available online as a PDF. Click on the link and then on the text Opción A – Opción B.

This Spanish workbook has typical lectoescritura activities, meaning exercises for learning to read and write. These activities also teach vocabulary to Spanish language learners because they are supported by pictures and there is considerable repetition.

Some of the exercises in the Spanish workbook include:

  • Associating vocabulary with pictures by drawing a line, completing a word, or labeling a picture.
  • Matching sentences to pictures.
  • Ordering syllables.
  • Writing the missing syllable.
  • Poems and songs with the focus vocabulary.
  • Simple puzzles such as crosswords and word searches.
  • Writing a sentence describing what is happening in a picture
  • Writing a story based on a series of 4 pictures

 Early reading books like this Spanish workbook are great supplemental material for Spanish learners. They expose kids to natural phrasing, structures and vocabulary. Kids need a wide variety of comprehensible language.  The language in this Spanish workbook is a good way to add variety and depth for Spanish learners. You can read Aprendiendo a leer on issuu.

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